Basics of Creating Key Messages

Beaumont communications Lausanne developing key messages

It’s not always easy to communicate with a target audience  to make sure that the company’s point comes across the right way. That’s why businesses develop core messages that they hone and reiterate to the target audience so that people remember those ideas. Whenever a company decides to … [Read more...]

Become an Expert Brander

Until recently, branding meant marking cattle with a red-hot iron so ranchers could identify their herds. But in today’s world, it means a lot more. From there, branding evolved into creating logos that signified a company or its products until now, where it’s even more! With nearly four billion … [Read more...]

The Role Of StoryTelling in PR

Storytelling in PR For many, communicating to connect with an audience is the ultimate goal of public relations. That’s why digital storytelling is a communications trend with no end in sight, with skilled story writers a vital part of any modern marketing team. Take, for example, a shopper … [Read more...]

Strong Brand Values: Why They Matter


Nike took a big risk when it signed an endorsement deal with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The player had caught a lot of flak from the league and from some fans for his unwavering stance on police brutality and racism in the country, and his insistence on kneeling during the singing of … [Read more...]