Branding a Real Estate Company

2021-09-24 by JamesD

Real estate companies understand the importance of having a company website, as well as a general presence across social media platforms. However, once those parts of a company's brand have been established, it's time to focus on all the other real estate branding features necessary for a business in that industry. Between sharing content across social platforms, creating email campaigns, and creating blog posts, it takes a bit of work to brand a real estate company. When it comes to creating brand recognition for most businesses across different industries, they have to utilize a variety of strategies. Those strategies include... Read More >

Promotional Tips for Companies in a New Era

2021-09-13 by Ronn Torossian
robert bye s65VlkIYSDw unsplash

One of the great ways that business owners can get a head start in launching their companies is by promoting them on social media platforms. As long as they have a strong social media strategy, it’s one of the most cost-effective and efficient tools. Market Research The first step in creating any sort of promotional campaign on social media is to research the market and the target audience of the business. Random promotional efforts will only end up wasting the time and resources of a company -  However, a targeted and knowledgeable approach generates plenty of beneficial results. Most of... Read More >

The importance of logos

2021-09-06 by JamesD
importance of logo

A logo reveals the identity of a brand. The combination of text and imagery not only gives people the name of a business, but it also serves as a visual symbol that represents the vision of a business. It is a part of branding strategy; a symbol that leads to instant brand recognition. In the UK the last episode of the popular sitcom Friends, ran on a Friday. The poster rearranged the show’s logo to read, ‘ENDS FRI’. Most customers care about their experience with a brand. A logo signifies the deeper connection the customer has with a brand. A... Read More >

Basics of Creating Key Messages

2021-03-08 by Ronn Torossian
Beaumont communications Lausanne developing key messages

It’s not always easy to communicate with a target audience  to make sure that the company’s point comes across the right way. That’s why businesses develop core messages that they hone and reiterate to the target audience so that people remember those ideas. Whenever a company decides to discuss certain issues, these types of messages can create meaning for the audience. They also provide a way for businesses to control their communication efforts and improve their relationship with the target audience, while also being relevant in PR campaigns. Key messages are an essential tool for businesses and can be used... Read More >

Become an Expert Brander

2021-03-02 by Jade Minh

Until recently, branding meant marking cattle with a red-hot iron so ranchers could identify their herds. But in today’s world, it means a lot more. From there, branding evolved into creating logos that signified a company or its products until now, where it’s even more! With nearly four billion consumers surfing social media platforms and spending almost two-and-a-half hours there daily, being known and remembered are essential to the success of a company’s products. Branding is the route to that success. For Starters Marketers pursuing branding need to consider several things before jumping in. As in all marketing, it starts... Read More >

5 Reasons Why Branding is Essential to Your PR Strategy

2020-11-17 by Julio Juarez

You may already know that PR is important for marketing your business. However, did you know that branding is integral to PR? Many entrepreneurs just focus on marketing and PR but they fail to acknowledge branding which is quite important. The following are top 5 reasons why you should use branding in all your PR endeavors: 1. Consistent Messaging Clarity in business communication is important for every company that wants to create a unique identity in the market. Branding can help with that. This is because branding is what that lays the groundwork for clear messaging, brand identity, brand voice,... Read More >

The Role Of StoryTelling in PR

2019-12-16 by Ronn Torossian

Storytelling in PR For many, communicating to connect with an audience is the ultimate goal of public relations. That’s why digital storytelling is a communications trend with no end in sight, with skilled story writers a vital part of any modern marketing team. Take, for example, a shopper looking for a new pair of shoes. On one rack, a company advertises how many pairs of shoes they’ve sold in the past five years. On another, a firm heralds how a portion of its sales are diverted to public projects in needy communities. More often than not, the second firm will... Read More >

Communication, Marketing, Branding & Public Relations Services For Carbon Valley

2019-11-06 by Jim Crickell

Gillette and Campbell County are interested in retaining a firm or set of firms that will design, develop, and implement a strategic advertising and public relations campaign that, in collaboration with Gillette and Campbell County, will:  i. Incorporate the Carbon Valley Blueprint, (to be completed fall 2019 by Lone Tree Academics, LLC), promote local awareness of outreach efforts to develop a base of local advocates for Carbon Valley as a destination for companies working on advanced carbon product development and CCUS. ii. Identify target advanced carbon research organizations regionally, nationally and internationally for marketing and public relations outreach. iii. Increase... Read More >

Strong Brand Values: Why They Matter

2019-10-14 by Jade Minh

Nike took a big risk when it signed an endorsement deal with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The player had caught a lot of flak from the league and from some fans for his unwavering stance on police brutality and racism in the country, and his insistence on kneeling during the singing of the National Anthem before games quickly earned him a reputation as a social justice warrior. His actions weren’t well-received by everyone, however. In fact, he found himself out of a job and out of the favor of many NFL fans around the country. But Nike went out... Read More >