Can Anne Womack-Kolton Repair the Irreparable? BP’s New PR Push

Anne Womack-Kolton Brunswick

Anne Womack-Kolton, once press secretary to the former vice-president Dick Cheney, a former APCO Worldwide Vice President (her last day with the company being May 21 this year) and previously director at the Brunswick Group, was hired in house by BP to help bolster its public relations effort in the US, as the company’s head of U.S. media relations.

BP’s Aggressive PR Plan Revealed, Piss Everyone Off

The drop in the ocean gets worse

BP’s new PR strategy must be to destroy the brand forever. CEO Tony Hayward refers to the Gulf oil spill as if he, nor the company care in the least. Worse still, the company just employed PR giant Brunswick to help save their behinds. Maybe big business has just lost touch with reality all together? If social media and traditional media go on the war path over this, BP is a cooked goose.