Robert Gillings – The Award-Winning Producer, Actor and Architectural Designer

2017-08-09 by EPR Staff
robert gillings

Robert Gillings is an award-winning writer, producer, actor, and architectural designer. He is also a philosopher and financial consultant who operates his own firm called Robert Gillings Consultants. Gillings is the president and CEO of Robert Gillings Production as well. Robert Gilling's Portfolio The Kings of Brooklyn (2004) Robert Gillings acted in, and produced The Kings of Brooklyn. The film centers around the millennial tech boom in which many were caught up in the anxiety of the time. The Kings of Brooklyn follows three friends who were raised on the streets of Brooklyn and search for a better life in their adult years.... Read More >

Shkreli guilty of fraud

2017-08-09 by EPR Staff

In what many are already calling a victory for the “good guys,” Martin Shkreli may be looking at the end of his career. The former pharmaceutical CEO who earned the derisive nickname, “Pharma Bro,” has been found guilty of fraud. According to the conviction, Shkreli “deceived investors” in some hedge funds. The jury deliberated for five days before finding Shkreli guilty on three of eight counts. He had been charged with securities fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. The split decision is not really surprising. Many following the case have some trouble differentiating between where Shkreli actually committed fraud and... Read More >

Will McCain’s legacy change American politics?

2017-08-04 by EPR Staff

Senator John McCain returned to the floor of the senate this past week to cast two very different, but equally decisive votes. First, he voted to put the GOP’s plan to replace Obamacare up for discussion. Then he voted against the bill that, he says, isn’t good enough for the American people. Questioned about his vote, and openly criticized for “not supporting his party,” here’s what Sen. McCain had to say: “I've stated time and time again that one of the major failures of Obamacare was that it was rammed through Congress by Democrats on a strict-party line basis without... Read More >

Clooney threatens lawsuit over kid pics

2017-08-02 by EPR Staff

George and Amal Clooney made it very clear when their twins were born: paparazzi were not welcome. That didn’t stop the photogs from trying to capture the notoriously private couple’s kids. And now, apparently, a few have succeeded. Recently, photographers from the French magazine, Voici, captured some shots of the Clooneys and their twin newborns while they were staying at their Italian home. The photos were subsequently published by the magazine without the Clooneys’ permission. No Mercy According to George Clooney, the shooters “scaled our fence, climbed our tree and illegally took pictures of our infants inside our home…” Clooney... Read More >

GOT Cameo a Hit and a Miss for Sheeran

2017-07-28 by EPR Staff
GOT cameo a hit and a miss for Sheeran

The Game of Thrones premier this year may have been the most-anticipated premier of all time. It was certainly the most watched premiere in HBO history. More than 10 million tuned in to watch the first run, and six million more tuned in for replays or streamed the show on HBO GO or HBO Now. And, fortunately for HBO, the show sure didn’t disappoint… SPOILERS… The episode kicked off with Arya Stark, wearing the guise of Walder Frey, killing nearly every important warrior or leader in House Frey, effectively ending that House for well and good. And it careened on from... Read More >

Will Carmelo move to Houston?

2017-07-18 by EPR Staff
carmelo anthony moves to houston

This NBA offseason there’s been no shortage of blockbuster trades. Summer kicked off with a major trade that sent superstar Chris Paul to join James Harden in Houston. Now there’s talk that another premier NBA star may be headed to the Rockets. And, this time, he’d be moving from NYC. Trade rumors are swirling around Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. While all parties are staying fairly quiet about everything, and those in the know have said no trade deal is “imminent,” that doesn’t mean it won’t happen, or that it won’t happen soon. Sources inside the Knicks organization have told the... Read More >

Cardinal Pell charged, reigniting abuse scandal

2017-07-13 by EPR Staff
cardinal pell charged with abuse scandal

Rumors flew, but no one would come out and say if they thought he should be charged. Now, that speculation is a moot point. Australian police have charged a top-ranking Vatican official in conjunction with the massive sexual abuse that rocked one of the world’s largest religious organizations. Cardinal George Pell, who works as chief financial adviser to Pope Francis, and is, at least currently, the top Catholic official in Australia, now faces “multiple charges of historical sexual assault offenses…” according to the Associated Press. Some have expressed doubts, because many of the complaints are from so long ago, while... Read More >

Rowling celebrates 20 years of Harry Potter

2017-07-11 by EPR Staff
jk rowling celebrates 20 years of harry potter

Can it be 20 years since the world was first introduced to the lightning-scarred young wizard, Harry Potter? Yes. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in Britain on June 26, 1997. Now, with hundreds of millions of copies sold worldwide, it’s safe to say J.K. Rowling’s saga of The Boy Who Lived has achieved a level of fame rare for the literary world. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of the Potter books on both books in general and YA fiction specifically. The massive success of Potter kicked open the floodgates for a renaissance in young adult fiction... Read More >

Shkreli in Court, Called “Maybe Nuts” by Own Attorney

2017-07-11 by EPR Staff
martin shkreli called maybe nuts by own attorney

American consumers quickly learned to despise Martin Shkreli, after his massive increase in medication pricing when he was CEO of Turing Pharmaceutical. Day after day, Shkreli was barraged by negative headlines and denigrated on social media. Now, it seems, the stakes are much higher. According to a story in CNN, federal prosecutor Girish Karthik Srinivasan called Shkreli “a liar and a fraudster” … and those were just the opening statements of the defendant’s criminal fraud trial. Shkreli’s attorney, of course, offered a different take on his client’s behavior, calling him an “oddball genius”… “Maybe he's nuts, but that doesn't make... Read More >

Famed Actor Lewis Calls It a Day

2017-07-04 by EPR Staff
daniel day-lewis is retiring

Daniel Day-Lewis may be the most popular actor in Hollywood no one thinks about when they make a list of the most popular actors in Hollywood. When you look at his list of credits, it’s hard to see how he might be missed. A consummate character actor as well as a potent leading man and fierce foil when playing the bad guy, Day-Lewis earned the respect of his colleagues in a career that earned him three Oscars. In fact, Day-Lewis has won three best actor awards, the only actor to actually achieve this feat. Trying to remember where you saw... Read More >

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