Crisis Communication During Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

2021-05-27 by Jim Crickell

When it comes to the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, communicators everywhere face a very critical situation to get the narrative right. Last month, when the FDA and CDC announced that there would be a temporary pause on the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and people were rightly confused. After a few reports of “rare and severe” blood clots appeared in people who received the specific vaccine and the announcement came after nearly 7 million doses were administered. Once the reports were released the company Johnson & Johnson also released a statement about the newfound developments, using phrases... Read More >

Sinclair Broadcast Group and Eric Bolling Host Trump Town Hall at White House

2020-10-21 by Jim Crickell

President Trump at Sinclair Broadcast Group's Town Hall airing Wednesday night. Sinclair Broadcast Group’s town hall that aired Wednesday night featured a calm and collected President Trump. The event’s taping took place Tuesday afternoon at the White House rose garden. Sinclair's America This Week host Eric Bolling was tapped to lead the one-hour event. Sinclair Broadcast Group's corporate news department produced the town hall-style one-hour special which featured questions from the audience, as well as an interview with the President. Just announced on Sunday, Sinclair aired the special on the company’s CW and MYNET stations in 55 different markets across... Read More >

Marketing After the Pandemic

2020-08-05 by Julio Juarez

Marketing After the Pandemic For some marketers, especially malls and national retailers, 2020 was a big challenge even before the pandemic. COVID-19 quickly enlarged that font from 11 points to 72. American author and noted storyteller Jonah Sachs summed up what CMOs may want to watch and incorporate into their revised post-pandemic strategies when he said: “Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” With more online consumers becoming increasingly dependent on digital, it’s not surprising that mobile advertising spending recently passed web advertising. It now accounts for 75% of all digital marketing according to a 2019... Read More >

Without Loyalty, You Won’t Accomplish Anything

2020-06-29 by Ronn Torossian

Without Loyalty, You Won’t Accomplish Anything That quote from controversial rapper and singer YoungBoy Never Broke Again sums it up for today’s marketers wanting to know everything they need about customer engagement and loyalty. Yet, according to private discount network company Access Development, American companies spend more than $180 billion annually in advertising compared to $2 billion on loyalty programs.  Yet, the cost to attract new customers is much more expensive than the investment to retain and cultivate existing ones. Early consumer results coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic place an exclamation point on the importance of customer engagement and... Read More >

PR Firms Adapt Best Practices During COVID

2020-05-07 by Jim Crickell

COVID-19 is causing closures across the nation and the world, but many PR agencies are still operating, helping their clients weather this unprecedented storm. But how are these agencies working to protect their employees and their clients? Clients in Crisis For many businesses and brands, the coronavirus pandemic has been catastrophic. Business has vanished overnight, they’re laying people off, and struggling to find a way to keep things going, all while worrying about what everything will look like when the economy is up and running again. And, for companies that are surviving, many are experiencing greatly increased demand, increased criticism,... Read More >

Pandemic Digital Marketing Tips

2020-04-27 by Ronn Torossian

Pandemic Digital Marketing Tips - credit: Developing and implementing a digital marketing and digital PR strategy during COVID-19 is riddled with challenges, particularly for small businesses already fighting an uphill battle in terms of reach and resources. Even so, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean digital marketing strategies should be tossed out the window. The goal of digital marketing remains the same: to reach audiences on their level and to lead existing narratives with purpose. Here are some top digital marketing tips during this challenging time:   1.Create Valuable Content Times of uncertainty affect the sales of firms across a multitude... Read More >