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Crisis in the Social Media Era

2021-10-18 by EPR Staff
The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

How do you manage a crisis in this era? The rise of social media has made public relations difficult as far as managing a crisis is concerned. The increased difficulty arises from the fact that social media is highly effective at disseminating information at high speed. Moreover, social media has acquired a reputation for being effective at spreading negativity whenever an incident of note happens. In the event that a company is involved in an incident that stirs a crisis, this event is not only picked up and spread on social media but also amplified negatively. In light of this,... Read More >

Internal Power Balance Shift and Crises

2021-10-17 by EPR Staff
crisis pr

In the last few months, a number of different brands and corporations in the tech industry have undergone a noticeable shift in employee culture. Everything started when the US finally started rolling out the Covid-19 vaccines, which promised to put an end to the pandemic, as well as remote work altogether. However, just as with the vaccines, not all people took the news of returning to working in office spaces positively, and a number of employees in tech companies started organizing and looking for ways to continue working remotely. Thousands of tech workers around the country found it preferable to... Read More >

Brand chaos and crisis management

2021-10-12 by Ronn Torossian
The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

A brand can be confusing, complicated, or plain chaotic about its tone of voice or messaging. It then becomes necessary to bring its range of offerings into focus and gain control over how the brand is perceived by consumers. Managing perception helps customers make sense of a multifaceted organization. It also optimizes marketing efficiency and performance. As customers become progressively more restless and demand more from brands, Public Relations should help reinvent brands and the way they engage customers across various touch points. With brands being vulnerable to a diverse range of unexpected threats, any crisis can have a potentially devastating effect... Read More >

Communications Crises and the Public

2021-07-28 by EPR Staff
Falling Dominos GettyImages 1138429304

Tragically in Florida, there are 10 dead and 151 people missing after a building collapsed in Miami. It's been very difficult to find survivors and there are videos and photos of the building collapsing. Many of the building’s residents ended up getting trapped in the segment of the building that didn’t collapse, and there were over 80 rescue teams working to find people in the rubble. According to a real estate profile for the condo building, it was built back in 1981, and although the reason for the collapse is unclear, the building itself was subject to a maintenance suit... Read More >

How to Manage a Newsworthy Crisis

2021-07-24 by EPR Staff
06B Newsworthy Polling

The management of a PR crisis can make or break the reputation of an organization. When the crisis in question is newsworthy, it is important for the organization to take steps that are efficient and effective in order to avert any lasting consequences. The crucial steps that an organization can take are as follows: There should be a leader who can lead the organization out of the crisis. It is crucial that the leader is a person who can be trusted with the responsibility. When a crisis strikes, there will be a number of different parties that will be involved.... Read More >

What Should a Crisis Communication Plan Include?

2021-07-20 by EPR Staff

Planning is beneficial in any organization, whether new or established. In almost every industry, organizations plan for future activities. Avoiding future planning can spiral into complications during a crisis, ultimately leading to the demise of an organization or a company. That is why planning is essential in all areas of a business. However, this article discusses a Plan for Crisis Communication and the elements that it should include. What Exactly is a Disaster/Crisis? The typical definition of a crisis is that it's an unforeseen occurrence. Such happenings necessitate a prompt answer, as well as loss of employment can lead to... Read More >

PR Crisis Lessons from Within the Gaming Community

2021-07-14 by EPR Staff
The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

Earlier this year, the gaming company Electronic Arts, which is behind the popular game FIFA, was embroiled in a big PR crisis, which was one of the biggest scandals to ever strike the company. The crisis happened because an EA employee allegedly sold Ultimate Team cards for thousands of dollars.  Several unconfirmed messages surfaced on social media platforms, where the employee was shown to be selling the coveted cards in packages that ranged around $1000 in price. In one of those messages, a package of three cards was offered for over $2000. Among FIFA fans, these icon cards are incredibly... Read More >

The Importance of Immediate Response to a PR Crisis

2021-07-08 by EPR Staff
Crisis PR

When an organization is faced with a newsworthy crisis, a timely response can help them mitigate the issues about PR. The actions that the organization takes in the first few minutes can help them restore their reputation, or shatter it for a while. It is critical that the people in charge of the organization focus on the urgency of the situation - since the current climate does not allow a grace period during a PR crisis. The Challenges Regarding Immediate Response The primary problem that stands in the way of immediate response is the lack of crisis management training that... Read More >

The 10 Steps of Crisis Communication

2021-06-21 by EPR Staff
Public Relations Crisis

It is the hope of every business person that they will never have to face a crisis. But, unfortunately, no matter how much you try to evade it, there is still a chance of dealing with a crisis, especially when it is least expected. During this crisis, communication is one of the most effective tools that can help end the crisis and reduce the effects of the crisis. However, for communication to work, there is a need for a good crisis communication plan. Below are ten steps that will help in crisis preparedness and response. 1.    Have a Crisis Communication Team... Read More >

Reviewing Robinhood’s PR Crisis

2021-06-09 by EPR Staff

At the beginning of the year, plenty of young people jokingly bought a small number of shares on the stock market from a failing company that was once a big corporation - GameS top. However, toward the end of January, a group of users on the social media platform Reddit joined together in buying large amounts of the company’s stock, leading to a surge in the price of said stock. Toward the very end of January something rather unusual happened on the main trading app that many were using - Robinhood. Suddenly, the users were only allowed to sell their... Read More >

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