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TP Manufacturers Respond to Consumer Complaints

2020-06-08 by EPR Staff

TP Manufacturers Respond to Consumer Complaints There are a lot of things missing from grocery and big box store shelves, but nothing has become more emblematic of the COVID-19 crisis than shelves without toilet paper. Panic buying caused sales of toilet paper to more than double what they were in March 2019. And, if anything, demand has only increased each day the supply is limited. Because of this, and largely through no fault of their own, paper products manufacturers have become the target of massive criticism and consumer anger requiring clear and consistent counter-messaging. Social media pages for Charmin, Angel... Read More >

China’s Handling of its PR Crisis

2020-05-28 by EPR Staff

China’s Handling of its PR Crisis China, the most populated country in the world has been experiencing a backlash from some western countries over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a lack of trust with the official numbers that have come out of the country, and there has also been plenty of criticism over the country’s alleged withdrawal of information during the initial stages of the outbreak. All of this means that China has been undergoing a big PR crisis, and in front of the entire world, no less. What Has China Been Doing? The main goal... Read More >

Tapping a Crisis Management Firm in Times of Need

2020-05-20 by Ronn Torossian

Tapping a Crisis Management Firm in Times of Need If a company is facing a serious problem that is threatening its reputation as well as many important relationships, it means it’s time for that company to get in touch with a crisis management firm.  A number of situations are valid reasons for concern when it comes to businesses working with crisis management firms, including employees not treating customers well, bad behaviors from business partners, data leaks or any other types of negative situations which have ended up right in front of the eye of the public and have made audiences... Read More >

What PR Pros Anticipate in 2020’s Crisis Communication

2020-03-23 by EPR Staff

What PR Pros Anticipate in 2020’s Crisis Communication Different PR pros hold different predictions regarding anticipated trends in 2020’s crisis communication. Some anticipate a rise in crisis preparedness, while others predict a rise in ethics in crisis management for various reasons. With the 2020 elections set to raise the need for crisis PR, crisis communicators will need to cut through the noise to offer brands suitable solutions. As such, this post highlights some of the PR pro’s predictions on crisis and ethics in PR. Crisis Preparedness Here are several predictions on crisis preparedness from some PR pros. #1. Gene Grabowski... Read More >


2020-01-02 by EPR Staff

More than 70% of crises that make the headlines are caused by decisions that management has control over.  That was the conclusion of James Rubin and Barie Carmichael in their book, “Reset: Business and Society in the New Social Landscape.” What the authors pointed out are new and emerging sources for social risk.  They cited race and gender pay equity, a next gen talent arms race, missed opportunities involving the disabled, AI bias, full employment blowback, and board-level social risk as areas of future potential crises.   Here are some ways to avoid trouble. RACE AND GENDER PAY EQUITY Although gender... Read More >


2019-11-12 by EPR Staff

CRISIS COMMUNICATION PLAN & PLAN & PLAN In an earlier article, we discussed how to begin drafting a plan by identifying the primary and secondary spokespersons. Here is a presentation of the next steps. The top topics to focus on were identified earlier and the plan should center around them.  Continue by gathering all current and pertinent information about each subject and place them in folders. These would be used as background information for use as needed.  Included in there should also be general information about the company and the most recent annual report. Identify the primary and secondary spokespersons... Read More >

Nike PR: Year of Two Public Relations Crises

2019-11-08 by Ronn Torossian

Nike Public Relations: Pivotal Time for Nike Brand Nike PR has suffered two PR crises in 2019 that continue to have reverberating effects throughout the company and country even as the year draws to a close. While the two are very different in nature, they have been handled well, but not before causing some damage to Nike’s stock. Zion Williamson Shoe Tearing The first of Nike's PR crisis, was the result of Zion Williamson’s shoe falling off during one of the biggest and most-watched games of the year. As a global sports manufacturing brand, Nike suffered some bad publicity because... Read More >

Post 9/11

2019-10-25 by EPR Staff

Post 9/11 September 11, 2001 is a day most in generation Z and any older generations will never forget.   A drone attack on the world’s largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia just a few days after this year’s 9/11 memorial punctuated the possibility of even more crises to come. What Does That Prove? The latest drone attack proved that we are even more vulnerable than ever.  The possibility of a similar kind of an attack being carried out anywhere else in the world instantly became very real.  Any facility, small or large, could be vulnerable to attack, from anywhere in... Read More >

What Happened To Gas Prices

2019-10-15 by EPR Staff

What Happened To Gas Prices Recent news of drone strikes on the world’s largest oil processing plant in Saudi Arabia not only caused an immediate spike in gasoline prices at the pump but are also causing other issues. In the meantime, observers say it will be weeks before the operation is back to normal. Companies involved in transportation, as well as food and consumer goods producers, are expected to be hit the hardest. Customers on already tight budgets will likely cut back on discretionary spending, particularly dining out and shopping, during this period. And with fall and winter around the... Read More >

The Golden Rules of PR Crisis Management

2019-09-03 by EPR Staff

The Golden Rules of PR Crisis Management At some point, no matter the industry, your business is almost guaranteed to have to face some sort of a public relations crisis. At the same time, your crisis management plan can be the difference between a hugely beneficial image boost, or a major blow to your brand that alienates your customers, business partners, and stakeholders. This is especially true of the internet age, where news can go viral almost instantly, and organizations must be ready to respond quickly, efficiently and skillfully. So if you want to avoid ending up on a hitlist... Read More >

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