Will the Real Story Behind Facebook Damn Founder Mark Zuckerberg Forever?

2010-03-05 by EPR Staff
Marck Zuckerberg Facebook Story

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is dealing with some bad press right now, but how long will it last and will it affect his image in the long term? New details regarding the early days of Facebook have been released in a Business Insider article, which outlines email and instant messenger exchanges between Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard students that had recruited him to work on their social network for their school. While Facebook and Zuckerberg had faced legal cases regarding the true origin of the social network for a few years now, the courts always managed to rule in the general... Read More >

So What, Facebook Is Still Trying to Take Over the World?

2010-02-26 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

I'm tired of writing about Facebook. At least for today. I've been looking through the significant news of the day--a Friday--and it's mostly about Facebook. Surprise! That seems to be the case on most days. Sure, it's an easy topic to cover, and there's always something larger to imply from everything related to Facebook. But I'm just not up for it today. I'm starting to feel like a broken record. Facebook is making a change, or going after a patent, or teaming up with Microsoft. Someone on Facebook did something silly, and now they're looking for a new job or... Read More >

What Are the Goals of Facebook’s News Portal?

2010-02-04 by EPR Staff
Facebook News

Facebook has been used as a Social Media portal for quite some time, and that's largely been the intention of Facebook from a design standpoint. The news feed has evolved over the past few years to become a useful source of information delivery to its 375 million users, despite the need for Facebook to continuously encourage open content-sharing as a result. With a new news publishing option from Facebook, content sharing and delivery could become even more central to Facebook's plans for its future, while also becoming a more user-driven format for subscribing to various news sources through indirect recommendations... Read More >

Are We Stuck with Facebook Forever?

2010-01-27 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

Has Facebook won your heart? I mean, could you actually live without it? I don't mean to say that there aren't other great social networking options out there. But if you had to stop using Facebook, which of these alternative social networking sites would you use? While the changes made to Facebook's privacy standards are vast and highly debatable, users are sticking around. Why? It may be because they feel they have to. Having become one of the most widely used social networks in the U.S., Facebook reaches across every state and many demographic fields. With social networking users abandoning... Read More >

Mixing Social Media with Financial Education

2010-01-26 by EPR Staff
Social Media Communications

Social media being used for educational purposes. It's not a new concept, but it is continuously being used for new applications. among the most recent is the use of social media for educating consumers about money management. it's not just individual financial planners that have turned to social media for this reason, but the companies themselves. Amidst legal issues and user privacy concern lies a hope that the financial industry as a whole can regain the trust of the American consumer base, turning to social media for marketing and brand-building goals. Doing so could be a tight-rope walk, but TIAA-CREF... Read More >

Facebook Apps As Security for New Privacy Settings

2010-01-21 by EPR Staff
Facebook App everything-pr

Facebook may have teamed up exclusively with McAfee to run virus scans on content shared on the social networking site, but there are other ways to ensure your safety on Facebook. A new app from Websense, called Defensio, aims to provide enhanced security options for individual Facebook users, scanning for viruses and malware that could be picked up from links posted on your Facebook wall or in a message sent from a Facebook friend. The presence of such security measures is an increasing concern for Facebook users, as the recently updated privacy settings on the social networking site have opened... Read More >

Has the Minority Report Era Finally Arrived?

2010-01-18 by EPR Staff
Public Relations Social Media

Is the era of Minority Report upon us? Social gaming and virtual goods have initiated a marketing revolution, enabling us to create digital versions of ourselves. We spend money on these digital avatars, exchanging gifts on Facebook and snatching up property for our Mafia Wars. The new platforms have presented new ways of monetizing the digital realm, and that means a new opportunity for advertising. Ads have been uniquely integrated into many of these social, casual gaming and virtual goods environments, in part because they extend an option for the direct monetization of consumers, while also establishing a new world... Read More >

Google Battles Facebook with Friend Connect Now on Drupal, Joomla

2010-01-12 by EPR Staff
google mobile algorithm

Open-source content management systems Drupal and Joomla have made Google Friend Connect available on their platforms, reports ReadWriteWeb. This gives users of Drupal and Joomla the ability to leverage the immediate social features of Google Friend Connect without having to do any extra coding. For Google, the availability on these two major platforms gives it a wider potential of publishers to use its service. What Google Friend Connect does is offer social networking capabilities to website publishers looking to add such features without much heavy lifting. Depending on the needs and services of a site, the costs involved for adding... Read More >

Zuckerberg’s Speech on Facebook Privacy Raise More Questions

2010-01-11 by EPR Staff
mark zuckberg - story of facebook

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is speaking out more openly in regards to the social network's recently implemented decision to make user profiles public by default. At the Crunchies Awards over the weekend, Zuckerberg said that the "social norms towards information privacy are evolving," noting the recent shift towards public forums that make up our online networking environments. Having created Facebook as a heavily guarded network, however, the speculations around Zuckerberg's motive for changing his message are now being questioned. So is Zuckerberg saying that Facebook should have been more like MySpace and all the other faddish social networks... Read More >

Facebook, Bras and Colored Water

2010-01-08 by EPR Staff
Facebook App everything-pr

Facebook and brand marketing. It's becoming more and more evident that the two terms are becoming synonyms. This week we saw a couple of interesting marketing campaigns associated with Facebook's social network: one to raise awareness for breast cancer and another to advertise Vitamin Water's new flavor. The effort to virally raise awareness about breast cancer took place directly on Facebook, asking users to update their status with the color of their bra. The Vitamin Water promotion featured a new flavor called Connect. This new flavor is in fact named for Facebook's network, with the bottles featuring descriptions of commonly... Read More >

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