Man Blames Facebook for AIDS, Among Other Claims

2010-01-08 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

While some users may huff and puff about the new Facebook privacy settings, one user in particular is so fed up that he wants to have his profile removed from Facebook all together. His method for going about this social media suicide mission? Getting kicked off. Humorist Adam Clem found himself tired of Facebook's prying eyes, noting an unnerving sensation upon realizing Facebook's similarities to counter-terrorism work. His first strike against Facebook was updating his profile status to read "FACEBOOK HATES ISRAEL." Quite a bold statement indeed. Intended with humor or with a mere desire to earn a bad reputation,... Read More >

Social Media Creating Bold, New Criminals

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff
Craig Lynch criminal everything-pr

It turns out, Craig Lynch may very well be the John Dillinger of the new age. I jokingly made a similar remark when first reporting on Lynch's fugitive protagonism, but weeks later the story is still very real. And Craig Lynch? He's growing in popularity. Months after escaping a low-security prison outside of Suffolk, England, Lynch began to gain attention as a criminal on the run. the attention came from his updated statuses on his Facebook profile. Now with thousands of people following him on Facebook and MySpace, Craig Lynch has become the modern version of a folk hero. Lynch... Read More >

Fugitive Taunts Police with Facebook Status Updates

2009-12-28 by EPR Staff
Craig Lynch Facebook Fugitive

Do we have a new John Dillinger on our hands? A celebrity criminal is on the rise, with the fugitive gaining popularity as he taunts cops and authorities with Facebook status updates. After escaping an open jail in Suffolk, VA, 28 year-old Craig Lynch is milking his accomplishments by boasting on the popular social networking site. Months after becoming a fugitive of Hollesley Bay Prison, Lynch continues to share his life story through updates on his Facebook profile. That's what Facebook is for, right? Lynch has been sharing thoughts and details such as "Wow it really is xmas ha ha... Read More >

Is Email Still a Good Way to Communicate with Your PR Clients

2009-12-18 by EPR Staff
email marketing everything-pr

How do you communicate with your PR clients? Do you communicate mostly by telephone? Do you reach them primarily through email? Or, are you like a growing number of businesses? Do you contact clients mainly through one of the new social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter? It has even been suggested that Google Wave is a replacement for email. The question of whether email is on its way out is significant for PR agencies, and indeed, for anyone who does business online. Not too long ago, a popular newspaper speculated that email was indeed on its way out. The... Read More >

Facebook Adds Anniversaries to Profiles: Monetization to Follow?

2009-12-18 by EPR Staff
Facebook Anniversary look back

Facebook added Anniversaries to its account settings this week, indicating a sensitivity to the requests of its users. If you are in a relationship (married, or in a relationship with your significant other), you can now mark the anniversary of your relationship to your profile. The new setting is found under “Family and Relationship in your account settings. The new addition to the Facebook profile info both displays the pertinent date to others that can see your profile, and acts as a reminder for those that need a little nudge when that time of year swings back around. This anniversary... Read More >

The Coming Backlash of Facebook Privacy

2009-12-16 by EPR Staff
Facebook Privacy

Our lifestyles are quite public in this day and age. We post photos from the most mundane activities on Facebook, sharing photos from our mobile phones without a second thought. We write blog posts, offering up a snapshot of our current mental position on every topic imaginable, from politics to marketing. With Facebook shifting from a private network by default to that of a public network, we all stand shocked at what is to come. An onslaught of public information. As if we didn't already have enough. Twitter really changed the game, giving us the liberty to share our thoughts... Read More >

Coca Cola PR: Coke Zero Finds Your Twin on Facebook

2009-12-16 by EPR Staff
coca cola customer engagement

Coca Cola generally does a good job with its marketing, though some campaigns have been hit or miss. With the new bottle design having already taken over stores across the nation, it's time to keep the sales going and encourage a little more brand recognition. The latest marketing campaign from Coke is a social media integrated application that helps you find your look-alike. The promotion is actually for Coke Zero, which is being touted as having the same taste as the original Coke drink. And if Coke Zero can have the same taste, then there's gotta be someone out there... Read More >

Social Media PR: Facebook Proves its Place

2009-12-15 by EPR Staff
Facebook News

Facebook is huge. It's taken over so much of our lives in the past few years, that we've readily accepted it as the hub of most our social, online activity. It's unavoidable, in the press, on our computers, and our mobile phones. And Facebook has managed to stay at the top of our buzz list because of its ability to reshape our cultural and social norms. Here is a list of some of the most amazing and unbelievable Facebook-related stories from the past 12 months, reflecting on the social network's impact on our lives. There was the 13 year-old girl that... Read More >

Is There a Good Side to Facebook’s New Privacy Settings?

2009-12-14 by EPR Staff
Facebook App everything-pr

Facebook's new privacy polity roll out makes user profile data public by default, and that was more than many expected. Having been first announced back in July, the changes Facebook began rolling out last week make its content far more accessible than many would have conjectured based on Facebook's history. Keeping things relatively private and layering even more privacy options atop those standards made Facebook one of the safer and user-centric social networks to dominate the scene. Yet the changes Facebook is currently making to its profile set up appears to have another agenda. Making profile content public by default... Read More >

Facebook User Banned for Friendliness

2009-12-07 by EPR Staff
Facebook Banned

Facebook user and middle school teacher John VanPelt was blocked from using the site. A rather active user, VanPelt accepted all his friend requests and commented often on the profiles of others. But Facebook didn't see it that way. The social networking behemoth blocked VanPelt from using the site, stating that it has "limits in place to prevent behavior that others may find annoying or abusive.” Despite VanPelt's appeals, Facebook has not restored his account or commented publicly on VanPelt's case. Yet this is an issue Facebook may be dealing with on an increasing basis. As Facebook's user base grows... Read More >

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