Tips on Ranking Higher In Search Engines

2021-10-04 by Jim Crickell
6 Tips to Rank High in Google

Just a few years ago, it was a lot simpler to find businesses on the internet. Searching didn't require any ranking factors, or technical know-how so that people could discover a business in their online searches. However, today, it's a lot more complicated for a business to be discovered on the Internet, partially due to the evolution of Google search algorithms, along with a few other algorithms and factors. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs know that one of the best ways to digitally market a business is through organic search. That means the company should show up as one of the top results... Read More >

Google and Apple Revenues to be Affected by New Legislation in South Korea

2021-09-13 by JamesD

By allowing app users to pay software makers directly for the software they use, legislators in South Korea have passed a new law that will effectively end the fat commissions that tech giants Apple and Google earn from app sales. This affects the business model with which these companies operate and with which they make so much revenue from commission on app sales. Before this new legislation was passed in South Korea, software users were, like everyone else across the world, compelled to pay for applications through the payment gateways provided on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS platforms. Similarly,... Read More >

Tips on Global Google Ads

2021-09-02 by JamesD
logo Google Ads 192px max 200x200 1

Most of the best practices in terms of paid search tend to remain the same, however, companies that are looking to expand into international markets for the first time, or simply want to grow their local presence, should be paying attention to certain strategies and details to get better results. Location Research One of the frequent mistakes that most companies make when targeting a brand new location is not doing any research into the details of what that location encompasses. For example, plenty of companies in the UK are looking to target the entire country, and they simply look to... Read More >

Google Continues to Face Questions from Within

2020-09-07 by Jim Crickell

Google has been facing increasing pressure and criticism about its business practices for some time now, both from outside officials and inside the company. Recently, though, Google employees have been speaking out even more, from walkouts to public critiques that, to date, company leaders have taken in stride. The most recent incident comes as Google engineers reportedly raised some concerns about how the company was “secretly tracking” the movements of people who did not want to be followed. This practice reportedly ended back in 2018 after an Associated Press story revealed what was called “shadow surveillance” of users. So, why... Read More >

SEO for Dummies, Part One

2019-08-13 by Jade Minh

SEO for Dummies, Part One For many people, SEO can seem like the elephant in the room. You know your business needs to deal with it, but you would rather not be the person responsible for the task. Indeed, when most people think SEO, they assume a complex and time-consuming process akin to transcribing the entire internet itself. You’ll be happy to learn, then, that SEO can be learned in ten simple steps. If you don’t have a dedicated marketing team at hand, confront that elephant and take your growth to the next level! Setup Just as a house needs... Read More >

Google Teams up with Home Depot

2016-04-06 by Jason Tannahill
Home Depot 2

Any time you’re trying to legitimize your business and solidify your brand, it’s nice to have a high-profile client on your customer list. This dynamic is true even if your brand is Google … because not all your programs and products panned out in the past. Consumer doubt can be the kiss of death to new ideas, even if those ideas already have traction, because if you can’t be a big money player in the mix, you are destined to get spread too thin chasing players that can move public opinion. Even if you’re Google. That’s why the latest news... Read More >

Diane Green: Marketing & Business Strategies Collide

2015-11-29 by Jason Tannahill
Diane Green

Not only did Google make a clever business decision when hiring investor and Google board member Diane Green to lead its cloud-computing business, the major corporation also made a smart marketing move. Diane Green has a very impressive resume. Her list of accolades is includes co-founding VMware with her husband and others, becoming its first CEO and leading it through a spectacular rise before it sold for $635 million. Green is also an active investor and advisor for many companies including Cloud Physics, Cumulus Networks, Cloudera and Nicira and has been a Google board member since 2012. Even more impressive... Read More >

Public Relations News Round-Ups

2015-11-17 by Jason Tannahill
Huntsworth’s PR

Huntsworth’s Multitasking PR Finesse Grayling, Huntsworth’s PR flagship, finished its third rebranding in five years, and now claims to be ready to reverse its recent misfortunes amidst rapid change in the PR market. “This new identity was developed in response to client feedback, in consultation with our leadership team globally and using our own in-house studio to reflect a mood of confidence throughout the agency, buoyed by new leaders in key positions, new client mandates and a clear vision,” commented Huntsworth’s CEO and Grayling chairman, Paul Taaffe. Grayling was a major focus for Huntsworth this year, as a significant realignment... Read More >

Public Relations Conferences and Talks

2015-11-06 by Jason Tannahill
PR Conference

PR Conferences give great information and networking opportunities.  The more networking, the more effect to economic context. Once networking and learning become chief goals, all that’s left is where to go. Here are some PR Conferences maximizing business’ exposure, networking, and research opportunities. Google for Communicators Conference - February 11 Located at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, PR News hosts this conference. The event lasts one day and features presentations and open talks to discuss the basics of Google’s capabilities. In-depth training provided PR professionals with the critical tools, strategies and insights business-minded communication often requires taking their Google-related plans to... Read More >

Taming Mobilegeddon – Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update

2015-04-27 by Richard D. Pace
Taming Mobilegeddon

Google's new mobile-friendly algorithm, which has been dubbed the "Mobilegeddon," descended upon the web on April 21. The Mobilegeddon demotes sites that are deemed not mobile-friendly in searches performed on mobile devices. Below are some tips to ensure your website is up to Google's standards for mobile devices. We will also introduce several tools that help show whether a site is mobile-friendly. First, make sure that your site can be easily read on mobile devices. A good tool to determine this is your everyday smartphone. The mobile-friendly algorithm only pertains to web searches performed on smartphones. Searches from feature phones... Read More >

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