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Crowdsourcing has entered the realm of journalism. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is one of many – although probably the best – of the services linking journalists and sources. When journalists are missing the final piece of a puzzle, or in need of a fresh perspective, they can put their questions to the people.

PR veteran Peter Shankman started HARO in early 2008 as a Facebook group intended to connect reporters to sources. Since then, HARO grew into a successful business, without significant overhead, and by 2009 averaged over $1 million in yearly revenue. Shankman began the Facebook group after he found he couldn’t help a reporter find a source on sub-Saharan Nigerian farming soil. When Shankman realized he didn’t know any experts who could help, he launched the Help A Reporter Out Facebook group to help authors, reporters and their sources connect.

After two months, the Facebook HARO group reached the 1,200 member limit. Now, HARO distributes over 50,000 journalist queries from top-tier media sources. It’s easy user interface allows over 475,000 sources to share vital expertise, industrial insight or personal experience in seconds. Owned by Cision, a leading global media intelligence company based in Chicago, HARO is heavily used worldwide.

HARO’s Peter Shankman Classy Departure from Vocus

Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman leaves Vocus to focus on new endeavors, including consulting for Fortune 50 companies, evangelist activities for established consumer brands, and even consulting for startups. He has a new book coming out April 2, and a baby due late April too!

5 Reasons HARO will Never Replace a Qualified PR Agency

5 Reasons HARO will Never Replace a Qualified PR Agency

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