Teletubbies Producer Sues Preferred Fragrance

2014-12-04 by Richard D. Pace
Teletubbies Image

- Teletubbies Producer Sues Preferred Fragrance Rite-Aid, CVS & Others Accused Of Selling Misleading Perfume - New York based fragrance company Preferred Fragrance was recently sued by Kenn Viselman, the Producer of the Teletubbies for selling products which were smaller than advertised.  While the products were advertised as containing 100 mL of Liquid, in reality the bottles were smaller than that.  The case is a class action law suit filed in California which names Amazon, Rite-Aid, CVS & others on the lawsuit.  (The full lawsuit is attached.) According to the New York Post, the company “specializes in making designer knock-off... Read More >

Legal Communicators: Marlen Kruzhkov , And Others..

2014-10-17 by Richard D. Pace
bullshit public relations in court of law dismissed

Here is a list of quotes of great Legal Communicators of our time... “Presenting clearly is key to legal success.”  Marlen Kruzhkov “Ideally, lawyers should speak in a way that catches and holds the attention of the audience in a pleasing manner; the lawyer’s voice, appearance, and delivery should match and reinforce the content of his or her message.” Steven Wisotsky “Although there are many different ways that lawyers earn their money, the ability to speak clearly and distinctly in a way that convinces people is an important part of their job.” Jim Anderson “Lawyers need to speak well to give weight... Read More >

New Buffer Laws For Cyclists Response

2014-09-16 by Richard D. Pace
bicycle law

A multitude of states have passed so-called “buffer laws” that specify the distance a motorist must keep away from a bicyclist while passing them on the road. California is one of the most recent states to enact the law, specifying a distance of three feet. The buffer laws can be seen as simply a more exact requirement than laws already in place. Previous laws provided vague language, such as “safe distance,” which is impossible to truly legally determine. Everyone hopes that the new law will help keep riders safer. The Advantages of the Change With the distance a motorist must... Read More >

Internet Defamation and Need to Know Marketing Law [infographic]

2014-04-23 by Aaron Sarno

When you think of legal issues with which marketing companies must contend, intellectual property and false advertising usually come to mind. But as the world becomes ever more interconnected, online defamation is quickly becoming a major issue for web development and marketing firms. So, let’s review some marketing defamation basics. Libel and slander are oft-threatened legal actions, but a lot of people confuse disparagement with defamation. The former is legal, the latter is not. What is the difference between disparagement and defamation? In a word: opinion. When one person disparages another person or business, he or she is normally expressing... Read More >

Pampers’ Crisis Management Response to Dry Max Class Action Lawsuit Is a Press Release

2010-05-14 by Archie Obrien
pampers public relations

Procter & Gamble's Pampers bite the hand that feeds them. In an effort to combat a class action suit against Pampers, the company called its customers liars, and denied all responsibility that the Dry Max product could cause rashes. Before I go on, let me briefly tell you about my experience with Pampers. About nineteen months ago I gave birth to a wonderful little boy. Like any parent, I bought for him what I thought it was the best on the market: Pampers diapers (not with Dry Max), Weleda skincare products, organic clothes, and so on. Everything fine, except the... Read More >

Class Action Lawsuit Looking to Make an Example of RockYou

2010-01-01 by Aaron Sarno

RockYou could land itself in some hot water, after having a suit brought against it alleging that the social app developer does not do enough to protect the contact information and passwords of its users. After a hacker accessed RockYou to tap into a database holding the email addresses and passwords of 32 million users, the class action suit was brought about by Alan Claridge, of Evansville, IN. The California-based RockYou is facing charges of "recklessly and knowingly" leaving personally identifiable information unprotected by hackers, appearing to take ongoing measures to avoid the activity of the average hacker from getting... Read More >

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