The purpose of this RFP is to invite Respondents to submit their Proposal for delivering brand and marketing strategy services. WorkSafeBC is an independent statutory agency that serves nearly 2.3 million workers and about 200,000 employers throughout British Columbia. It is funded through … [Read more...]

Basic Marketing Guidelines

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With the development of the internet, it’s become a lot easier for businesses to communicate with clients, consumers, and target audiences at large, which has made a lot of marketing efforts easier to create and execute. However, with all of the tools that have become available to businesses and … [Read more...]

Creating a Marketing Strategy

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The overall plan that a business has to reach the target audience, or the prospective customers, and then turn those people into consumers of the company’s products or services is that company’s marketing strategy. It also contains all of the key brand messaging for the business, its value … [Read more...]

Marketing Essentials for Local Businesses

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The pandemic negatively affected businesses, both large and small. Many shuttered their stores, some permanently. One of the positive things that came out of this was a call from many consumers and organizations to shop and support locally. Cited as reasons to support local merchants was the fact … [Read more...]

Affordable Marketing Strategies

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We're currently living during a time where every marketing strategy can make or break a company, which means even when marketing isn't the most important thing for the business, it's important to have some affordable strategies for the business. Fortunately, several marketing strategies are both … [Read more...]

Marketing And Developing Website Content

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In marketing, most things are about content. Between content being in a brochure, billboard, social media, and the likes, it’s essentially turned into the company’s sales pitch, as long as it’s effective. And the best way to make content effective is through a strong content development … [Read more...]

Predictions For Marketing In Year To Come

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\ More marketing & PR experts we interviewed gave us more predictions. Mike Paffmann, CEO of Virgo PR says marketing of all forms will grow, noting “media will remain key, content marketing will continue to be important as will influencers. Many in the world of PR will see excellent years … [Read more...]