Challenges That Sales and Marketing Teams Can Overcome

Variations in industries and brands in B2B and B2C landscapes can pose numerous sales and marketing challenges. Tailoring buyer journeys across B2C and B2B landscapes, for instance, is a challenge. As a consequence, difficulties abound when organizations try to meet the needs of different prospects, and the distinct use cases in sales and marketing teams. […]

How to Spot a Sub-Standard Digital Marketer

What makes a good digital marketer? It’s a question a lot of businesses are asking themselves, especially if they are signing pricey invoices for outsourced digital marketing help. The world of digital marketing is not dissimilar to any other industry; there are some seriously passionate professionals and others who are riding down easy street for […]


5W Marketing

Predicting consumer behavior has slowly developed into its own separate industry. This means that gone are the days when companies would blindly gauge the interests of the masses and market to them accordingly. These days, brands need all available information regarding their consumers, their motivations, impulses, and thoughts. It’s the only way to really market […]

Great Marketing Strategies To Stay Relevant


A growing business needs more than just a viable idea and a profitable niche. The right marketing strategy can be described as the benchmark of success for any business. It will fuel your business’ growth and help you stay afloat in a competitive world. What’s more, getting the word out there about your business will […]

Is Hiring Top Graduates Smart for Digital Marketing Agencies?

As the summer interns pack up their desks and head back to school, it’s time to start thinking about the college student and graduate programs and the quality of employees they are producing. Within every university, there is a group of dedicated students learning the craft of marketing and perhaps even dipping a toe into […]

Referral Marketing and PR’s Role

According to Nielsen, the market survey and ratings firm, some 77% of consumers say they would be more likely to purchase a new product or service if their friend or relative recommended it.  The survey reported that a whopping 84% trust these recommendations.  There lies the potential of referral marketing using key customers as brand […]

Gaining New Customers

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur on the scene trying to win your first customer, or a seasoned salesperson ready to acquire your 10,000th, customer acquisition should never stop being a business goal. Still, for many owners, sales can be unpredictable. Gaining new customers can, most of the time, feel like a game of chance. The […]

“There’s $5,000 In Our Budget, Make Us A Brochure.”

Is there a week that goes by when you don’t receive mail with brochures and coupons?  Hardly. Which ones appealed to you?  Which ones did you act on? Brochures continue to be one of the most effective marketing tools today.  Most graphic designers would be elated and jump at the opportunity to design a brochure, […]

Google’s New Small Business Marketing Hub Can Help Businesses

Running a small business is challenging, and growing the customer base is always a big priority. After all, with new customers comes more revenue and more longevity. But growing this customer base involves marketing, and this is not a skill that every small business owner is familiar with. And that’s ok! Google is a company […]

How to Get Free Press Coverage

From a distance, getting press coverage seems like a simple step in a brand’s marketing plan. Because journalists are more or less inundated with new pitches, however, the reality is that you’re going to have to work a little harder to make your brand and product stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re an established […]