Is Government PR Too Heavy for Taxpayers?

2016-12-08 by EPR Staff
Is Government PR Too Heavy for Taxpayers?

How much do you think should be spent for the U.S. government to tell you what they’ve accomplished? Well here’s the amount that is spent between advertising, private consultancies in public relations, and government employees working in separate press offices for the President as well the various cabinet ministries — $1.4 billion. Separated out, that’s $500 million for the government workers, $800 million for advertising, and $100 million for PR consultancies. Those figures come from a recent report issued by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). According to Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary for the Obama administration, this administration... Read More >

Can Glenn Beck reinvent himself as the voice of reason?

2016-11-28 by EPR Staff
Can Glenn Beck reinvent himself as the voice of reason?

Popular media personalities have been all over the map about the recent election. But one who has remained staunchly aligned with his rhetoric throughout is media mogul and perennial outsider Glenn Beck. Owner of The Blaze radio and Internet media brands, Beck has been the face of GOP discontent with Trump almost since the beginning. But now that the election is over and Trump is the President-elect, Beck was one of the first to call for reconciliation. The man who made his career shouting down and pointing fingers at the other side says Trump’s campaign has taught him a lot... Read More >

News from MWW PR, Edelman, Steve Bannon, and Stephan Huvane

2016-11-23 by EPR Staff

What MWW PR and Wakefield Research’s HerVoice Survey Shows The HerVoice Survey of 1000 adults in the US, commissioned by MWWPR and Wakefield Research, looked at gender-based bias issues and the glass ceiling for women. The survey asked respondents what they perceive and expect from both female and male leadership in companies. They got responses indicating that stereotypes about women in leadership being weak had not changed significantly over the past few decades. The survey was done prior to the Presidential election during October. Most participants indicated that they believe men are more likely to be stronger at increasing the... Read More >

Crisis PR & the Pentagon’s Budget

2016-11-10 by EPR Staff
Crisis PR and the Pentagon's Budget

For decades a large part of the U.S. federal budget has been attributed to military spending and development. It’s not a secret. But information was released recently about how much of their budget is about PR, and what some would call the propaganda machine. The sad truth is that the current annual budget for PR in its various forms – public employees and private contractors – for the government is over $1 billion. About 63% of that was spent by the Pentagon is accounted for by PR. Interestingly, only 40% of the PR employees of the government work for the... Read More >

Wonder Woman named UN “ambassador” amid protests

2016-10-31 by EPR Staff
Wonder Woman named UN “ambassador” amid protests

The United Nations created an uproar when it named DC Comics’ Amazon Princess “Wonder Woman” a “special ambassador” in honor of the character’s 75th birthday. The honorific chosen was “Special Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls” and you might think that would be a positive thing. And it was … just not for everyone. Protestors both inside and outside the UN chambers let their opinion be known that the honor should have been given to, well, a real woman. Others were upset that such a “sexualized” character was bestowed with the honor. As what was supposed to be... Read More >

Canada Tells America It’s Great: A Happy PR Campaign

2016-10-28 by EPR Staff
Canada Tells America It's Great: A Happy PR Campaign

As our Presidential campaign continues, there have been a lot of doom and gloom feelings and predictions. One of Trump’s campaign slogans has been “Make America Great Again.” Some declare we still are, while others are terrified about the possibilities of conflicts in the Middle East, the Supreme Court turn-over, whether Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and the staggering national debt. It’s a lot to think about. That isn’t helped by the negativity of the campaigns either. So what do our neighbors to the north decide to do with the help of The Garden, a PR agency based in... Read More >

A Syrian “No Fly” Zone and the PR Connection

2016-10-26 by EPR Staff
A Syrian "No Fly" Zone and the PR Connection

Syrian refugees and Aleppo are all over the news and social media, and to a great extent that’s because of the efforts of a PR company called the Syrian Campaign. Yes, that’s right, though they say they are a non-political and impartial voice for the Syrian people. James Sadri, the strategy director for the PR firm, said: “We see ourselves as a solidarity organization. We’re not being paid by anybody to pursue a particular line. We feel like we’ve done a really good job about finding out who the frontline activists, doctors, humanitarians are and trying to get their word... Read More >

Anthem protest spills outside of pro sports

2016-10-21 by EPR Staff
Anthem protest spills outside of pro sports

During the NFL preseason, when 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel during the National Anthem, he touched off a protest movement as well as a firestorm of criticism from NFL fans. Since that first protest, more players have taken up the gauntlet, and more fans have pledged to stop supporting the NFL until the movement is stopped. Attendance appears to be down, and the number of people pledging to #BoycottNFL is way up. But the protest has created other, unintentional results. Folks have begun to look at the Star Spangled Banner, including some verses that people don’t sing at... Read More >

American hopes for the future divided by race

2016-10-11 by EPR Staff
American hopes for the future divided by race

A generation ago, if you had polled blacks and whites in America about the future, you would have likely received a much different result than the one recently published by the Associated Press. For decades now NORC at the University of Chicago has been polling Americans of different races, asking their thoughts about the future. For years, the whites were happy and excited about the future, the blacks saw years of struggle ahead … but that might be changing. According to the poll, while blacks and Hispanics are still economically worse off than whites as a whole, more of these... Read More >

Laws change, but medical marijuana remains a PR battle

2016-10-05 by EPR Staff
Reversing marijuana stigma

Medical marijuana laws are changing, state by state. The slow drip feels inevitable, but it also seems to be growing ever closer to nationwide legalization, as public pressure continues to build and once closed minds continue to change. The latest state to legalize medical marijuana is Ohio, which has a law about to go into effect even though the state itself has no idea yet how to implement the law. So, while it’s “legal” the questions of “how” legal and “what” that actually means is still being hashed out. As regulations to that effect are expected to take at least... Read More >

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