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World Leaders and How They Handled the Pandemic and Communications Crises in Their Countries

2021-06-15 by JamesD
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The global pandemic has proven to be difficult to put under control, as many government officials around the world have noted. However, some current, as well as former, political leaders haven’t made the greatest efforts in combating the virus outbreaks in their own countries. Whether that meant downplaying the severity of the virus, completely or partially disregarding scientists and their warnings, or even ignoring to instate crucial health measures such as masks, or social distancing. However, at the core of all those mistakes were issues with communication that rapidly snowballed into full-on PR crises for those political leaders and their... Read More >

Automotive and Mobility PR from Bianchi PR

2021-06-02 by JamesD

Established in 1992, the public relations and communications agency Bianchi PR has offices in Troy, Michigan. The company works with auto tech startups, global suppliers, mobility organizations as well as engineering services firms around the US and the world. The agency is also partnered with over 50 other agencies worldwide, through the Public Relations Global Network, which is a global platform for PR that provides clients with local PR expertise on a global basis. Through the years, Bianchi PR has rightfully been titled as the top Detroit PR firm in automotive, tech, mobility, and other related professional services companies in... Read More >

7 Ways to Rehabilitate a Struggling Brand

2021-06-01 by Ronn Torossian

The online reputation of a business is of critical importance today. It takes steady effort to build up a dependable presence online but it only takes a couple of unfavorable reviews or mentions to knock it down. With little or no control over what is being said about organizations on digital platforms they can improve their reputation when something threatens their standing. 1)      Values - Each organization has a set of core values that set it apart from other organizations. It adds clarity to its identity and serves as a forum for its employees. Meaningful corporate values such as integrity, customer experience,... Read More >


2021-05-30 by JamesD

What is lifestyle marketing? Lifestyle marketing is a type of marketing where a product is marketed in such a way that it is perceived to capture the ideals, aspirations and aesthetics with which the targeted audience identifies, and which revolves around a particular meaning, purpose, and ideology t. The goal of integrating products into a client-targeted lifestyle is to sell the lifestyle that goes along with the product. A brand which uses lifestyle content as a marketing method has a deep understanding of its consumer’s views on life  When a consumer feels that a brand marshals their lifestyle, they feel... Read More >

Is AI Useful For PR Firms, Or Just Another Fad?

2021-05-27 by JamesD

“Shiny new object syndrome” isn’t just relegated to buying gadgets and gizmos - it also relates directly to the “buzz” surrounding AI. In the PR and marketing world, in particular, the allure of new tools is in part informed by the incredible power that our digitally connected world has provided to PR professionals as they serve their clients. So it makes sense that PR pros will be interested in the latest tools in an effort to make their jobs easier, their campaigns more effective, and ultimately the work they do for their clients more profitable. Of course, as is the... Read More >

Why press releases are still relevant

2021-05-17 by Ronn Torossian
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Companies have used press releases to get media attention for decades. A typical press release will contain for journalists the contact info of the main person behind a given project or event, information about what is happening, and facts. A press release is not an article; it’s one page of information. Most communications and public relations professionals know what a press release is, but not everyone knows when to use it and how to use it effectively. Writing a press release does not mean media outlets will write a story about it. The important thing for journalists are the questions... Read More >

Lead Generation Using a Public Relations Campaign

2021-05-13 by JamesD

Public relations isn’t just used for a brand’s reputation management, awareness, and publicity anymore. With the evolution of the industry, PR has become an excellent tool for lead generation that can work alongside business development and paid ads. Thought Leadership When a business leader offers their opinions or expertise on a certain industry topic, either through a blog post or a bylined article in a key media outlet, this type of content gets the company a lot of visibility and positions it as a leader in the market. Furthermore, if the content also includes links that lead back to the... Read More >

Using Digital PR to Boost Your Ecommerce Business Website

2021-05-11 by Jade Minh
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As an eCommerce business, you rely on your Internet presence to communicate your brand's message and encourage people through the sales funnel. Digital public relations is your key to curating a positive brand image online. With e-retail revenues projected to grow to $5.4 trillion by 2022, you’ll want to strengthen your brand’s online reputation so you can generate some of this revenue. What is public relations, and why should you care? Let's explore how to use PR to boost your eCommerce advertising and increase sales. What is Digital Public Relations? Public relations is the process of building an image or... Read More >

What’s Good PR?

2021-05-11 by Jim Crickell
Whats Good PR

Public relations is an essential piece of a company’s marketing efforts, and, compared to traditional advertising, it’s frequently a lot more cost-effective. Yet plenty of small businesses are still struggling with the concept of PR and understanding why it’s so necessary. PR and Advertising A company represents itself through paid ads, while, with a PR campaign, the company can create an organic relationship between the business and its target audience, and build brand awareness. These days, most PR efforts are focused on building third-party credibility and approval. For example, sponsored posts on Instagram are a part of an advertising campaign.... Read More >

Marketing and Creativity

2021-05-10 by JamesD

Aside from the analytics, product design, and customer experience that go into marketing campaigns, there is also a great deal of creativity that goes into it as well. This tends to go beyond the ad campaign mechanics and can actually provide tangible results of value to companies. Customer-Centric Campaigns Most marketing professionals are frequently talking about consumer-centric campaigns, this often means creating campaigns that are better targeted towards the audience. Instead, what marketers should focus on is creating campaigns alongside consumers, because consumers are also creators, working alongside various brands. Creating campaigns together with the consumers from the very beginning... Read More >

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