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What’s Up in PR this week?

Sixth Annual Survey Finds Consumers Prefer Ease-of-Use even over Trust The Sixth Annual Makovsky PR /Kelton “Pulse of Online Search” Survey sent to 1,035 Americans ages 18 and older revealed even though the doctor-patient...

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Giving Trends in Philanthropy

The giving (and getting) communities are abuzz right now with the latest Giving USA report on the state of American philanthropy. The research and analysis behind the report is conducted in collaboration with Indiana University and is supposed to generate an overall picture of charitable giving. This is an important report largely because charitable giving has steadily represented 2% of the total gross domestic product (GDP) over the years, not an insignificant figure by any account.

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British Muslims Use Public Relations to Mend Shattered Image

The Exploring Islam Foundation (EIF), founded by a group of young British Muslim professionals deeply concerned about the public perception of their faith, uses PR campaigns to challenge misconceptions about Islam and raise awareness about its universal values and contributions. After an extremely successful first campaign, a second one is scheduled for January 2011.

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Vatican Surprised by Money-laundering Accusations against Vatican Bank Head

Vatican expressed great surprise at the news that broke today involving Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the head of the Vatican Bank, being placed under investigation by Rome magistrates under suspicions of money-laundering by the bank. After many accusations of child abuse by Catholic priests throughout 2010, the Catholic Church needs to face another powerful blow affecting their reputation.

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Senegal Statue a PR Nightmare for President Wade

Senegal’s President steps on his countrymen’s toes and hearts in comparing a questionable statue to Jesus Christ. After commissioning a $27 million dollar monument from the North Korean craftsmen, the President further inflames citizens with his words and actions. Senegal is one of the poorest countries in the world in per capita income.