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Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Needs A PR Firm

2016-05-20 by Archie Obrien

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) is an independent authority created by the Virginia General Assembly and funded by the County of Fairfax and is looking for a Public Relations agency. The FCEDA is charged with encouraging U.S. and foreign-owned businesses to locate to, stay in, and expand in Fairfax County for the purposes of: (1) increasing the county’s non-residential tax revenues, and (2) providing increased quality and varied job opportunities for Fairfax County residents. The firm should ensure that public relations services support the FCEDA mission of promoting an enhanced quality of life through the attraction of high-quality technology... Read More >

Crisis Management Done Wrong

2016-05-19 by Archie Obrien
Crisis Management Communications PR

Taking a look at the collapse of Chase Bank Kenya in early April offers information to those wanting to learn about PR crisis management in social media. A team of people at Odipo Dev used their Dive Analytics tool to study what happened on Twitter preceding the fall of a bank who served their community for 20 years. Here’s what they found. In the first three days, the number of tweets was not high, but all mentioned problems with the bank at some level, though many were jovial rather than worried. The banks (Chase Bank Kenya, Chase Bank, and the... Read More >

U of Iowa Journalism school Adds PR & Strategic Communications classes

2016-05-19 by Archie Obrien

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa is seeing more interest in strategic planning and public relations type courses and less interest in their true journalism ones. Because this is the case, the school started adding more of the classes their students want, taking the direction from them. Some of the courses they’ve added recently or have plans to add in the near future include content marketing, digital branding, social media marketing, brand development, several strategic communication campaigns – one focusing on public advocacy, as well as other areas, with one of them an upper-level... Read More >

McDonald’s Goes Fresh For Food

2016-05-19 by Jason Tannahill
Fast Food PR - Mcdonalds Fresh Food Marketing

In an effort to regain some lost ground in its key demographics, McDonald’s opted to try something fairly revolutionary in today’s fast food marketplace – fresh beef. Other chains have made the switch, and now it seems McDonald’s is going to give it a try. The transition will get a test run in a handful of Central Texas restaurants, most in the Dallas area, according to reports in CNN. But don’t expect the fresh beef on the Big Mac or cheeseburgers. Turns out the only sandwiches to receive the freshening up will be the quarter pounder, double quarter pounder, bacon... Read More >

What Makes “Greens” Clean?

2016-05-11 by Archie Obrien
green food safety public relations

In this post-Chipotle e.Coli world, we may have all become a little bit more aware and wary about the produce we put in our bodies. As you go down the packaged salad isle in your local grocery store, you may notice a little certification-type statement declaring the greens in that package are “triple washed.” Is it a safety assurance, a marketing ploy, or maybe a combination of the two? Produce is grown in a garden setting for most variations of lettuce and its cousins. They grow low to the ground, meaning as it is pulled from the ground for harvesting,... Read More >

Preparing for Change in PR

2016-05-11 by Aaron Sarno
changes pr

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Yet, few people heed his advice. Employees and management alike often view drills and preparedness plans as a nuisance – just wasting time on situations that may never happen. So why bother if these events are so unlikely? What are odds of a small startup being sued for millions, or a mega-brand needing to issue recalls after all the safety checks during the production process? The odds may be small. But, the cost to the brand’s image (and bank account) is not as correspondingly small when disaster... Read More >

Driving SEO with the Power of PR

2016-05-10 by Archie Obrien
seo public relations

As with other practices encompassed by Public Relations, SEO once existed as a separate silo in the general marketing community. However, the two disciplines now go hand in hand, as one helps to drive the other. Public relations experts use communications skills to know what keywords and trigger words to associate with a brand. When distributed throughout the online community, these keywords help boost traffic to the brand’s content on the company website or other mediums, which is essentially search engine optimization (SEO). This boosts visibility, and better positions the brand to reach its target market. Using Search Engine Optimization... Read More >

Walleye Population Decline causes PR Worries for Mille Lacs

2016-05-10 by Jason Tannahill
animal pr

From as early as the summer of 2013, Lake Mille Lacs began to experience a decline in the walleye population. The situation did not improve; causing the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to act on that desperation in March. This action included banning residents from keeping walleye, and then from using live bait. But after discussions with the public and other officials, the DNR decided to lift the live-bait ban. The DNR made the decision after speaking to the local Advisory, which aired opposition from other committee members and the public against the live-bait ban. People voiced concerns about the... Read More >

Hiring Seniors Execs to Teach the New Generation of PR

2016-05-09 by Archie Obrien
teaching new pr

In the past, many people thought of public relations as an inherent skill. It was simply not something you went to school for. PR specialists were either born to charm the public – and teach clients how to do it – or not. This belief has changed drastically, due in part to schools creating programs for public relations in response to the growing popularity of the field. However, schools themselves seem to recognize the best knowledge in public relations still comes through experience, rather than mere study. As a result, Arizona State University (ASU) hired former Edelman U.S. President and... Read More >

Sports PR: The Rise of Women and the Struggles they Face

2016-05-09 by Jason Tannahill
movement public relations

The feminist movement recently received a lot of criticism for veering off its traditional path. Many people – even other women – believe feminism and women’s rights should focus on more traditional and universal issues like equal pay; and ignore other issues, like the harassment women face on the streets or at their jobs. However, this video helps to remind men and women everywhere that women’s rights and issues deserve attention, whether the specific issue is universal or not. In the video, female sports writers Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro listen to tweets from men in sports. In the tweets,... Read More >

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