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Public Relations of Scientology: How Scientology Handled Ex-Employees and What PR Can Learn

2016-05-05 by Aaron Sarno
scientology public relations

Scientology is no stranger to controversy from the outside or from within. It might go almost unnoticed without a few A-level celebrities added to claims of flagrant abuse of its members, employees, and volunteers. From the outside, most declare it a cult and want little to do with it. But, it is also clear they have an active body of PR people on board, creating and sharing moments from what they feel are good works done for humanity. At the beginning of the year, several paid-for-PR press releases made their way forward sharing a few “summit” gatherings of world religious... Read More >

What Value Is PepsiMoji’s Campaign?

2016-05-05 by Richard D. Pace
pepsi emoji pr marketing campaign

Pepsi started an emojis campaign to brand their product, but for the most part, they are using typical emojis – nothing exclusively connected to Pepsi. Some feel the new campaign is Pepsi’s slant on the Coca-Cola campaign where names were printed on their packaging. Pepsi’s using emojis instead of names. So instead of looking for your or a friend’s name on a bottle or can, you can look for an emotion and then share it with a friend. But a person’s name is very personal, an emoji is not. As part of the campaign, they are creating a series of... Read More >

Atlantic City – Moving Forward In Crisis

2016-05-04 by Archie Obrien
atlantic city public relation crisis

Atlantic City’s Mayor, Don Guardian, and the director of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), John Palmieri, met this week with members of the Public Relations Council of Greater Atlantic City. The two spoke for about 40 minutes updating and information the group about what is happening to move the city forward even though they are facing a stalemate with the state of New Jersey and a highly publicized financial crisis. Mayor Guardian told the group at the meeting at Kelsey’s on Pacific Avenue that no matter what happens in the coming months, “Atlantic City is still going to be... Read More >

Mitsubishi in trouble on both sides of the world

2016-05-03 by Richard D. Pace
Automotive industry

Seems like we can’t go a week without some big automaker or another getting into trouble. From Ford’s new plant in Mexico to the VW emissions scandal and GM’s ignition debacle, automakers are hurting for positive public relations. Now, apparently, it’s Mitsubishi’s turn. Various media sources are reporting the automaker is in trouble for “submitting misleading data” on at least one – possibly more – vehicles. The data is related to fuel economy, a huge marketing factor in that market segment. People want to know if they are buying fuel economy, they are getting what they pay for. Some U.S.... Read More >

SunEdison problems spell trouble for solar promoters

2016-05-03 by Jason Tannahill
sunedison public relations

At some point, someone in the US will find a way to get some traction on renewable energy. It’s only a matter of time. But that “time” may not be Any Time Soon. The industry took a relatively big PR hit recently when SunEdison Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company has been on a roll, acquiring this and that, hoping to make bigger and bigger splashes into the market. But those debt-based acquisitions caught up with them. There is some light at the end of the tunnel for the company and the industry. According to various media... Read More >

Marijuana Goes Mainstream: Rebranding the Cannabis Culture

2016-04-29 by Archie Obrien
marijuana branding

As the legalization of marijuana starts to become a national phenomena, with 23 states having legalized it in some capacity, marijuana marketing techniques are greatly in need of a refashioning. Cliche logos consisting of pot leafs and green and black color schemes may have been successful prior to marijuana's widespread legalization, but as it moves beyond its previous perception of a novelty, its branding needs to evolve with the times. Categorizing Brands: It is not uncommon for various marketing fields to stick with familiar visual symbols when marketing their brand. Many dentists incorporate teeth into their logos, and veterinarians use... Read More >

What Tech Companies can Teach the Finance Sector about Branding

2016-04-29 by Richard D. Pace
Technology PR

Technology and all its subdivisions remain one of – if not the most – successful sectors of the market. As a culture, people seem more hooked on technology now, than drugs in the 70s. As a result, technology reaps more profit than most other industries. More than even the industry dealing with profit – the finance sector. How does this Happen? Many people find this hard to believe. After all, who knows how to make money more than the people working in money, right? Wrong. In the past, and maybe even right up to the Recession in 2008, this was... Read More >

The Growth of In-House PR

2016-04-28 by Aaron Sarno
in house pr - outsource public relations

As public relations continue to grow as a field, one aspect that grows along with it is the development of in-house public relations. While most public figures and brands hire external PR experts to assist with events planning, reputation management, and a whole host of other activities, many companies build a PR team in-house. This development first started among smaller companies who, unable to afford expensive PR fees for external firms, sought to put PR campaigns together on their own. However, even bigger companies now follow this trend. For instance, Apple relies on the occasional external PR assistance, but it... Read More >

Crisis PR: Keeping Employees in the Know

2016-04-28 by Richard D. Pace
Crisis PR everything-pr

When most companies think of crisis management, they think of handling the issue in the public sphere. However, more and more, companies realize the best approach to managing crises includes employees in the process. They are, after all, the face of the company; especially in service industries. So, even before the public gets its share of reassurance, reassure employees to keep them onboard. No one wants to work in the finance department during an accounting fraud or in the marketing division after a controversial ad reaps backlash. Ensure employees know what happened, what the company plans to do about it,... Read More >

PR pitfalls when education and PC don’t mix

2016-04-27 by Aaron Sarno
Social Media Education

A Maryland high school student followed the instructions on his English assignment to the letter…but it caused major social upheaval at his school. Soon, parents, teachers, and students were all offended, and various sides were demanding various action. Here’s what happened: Students in an English class were asked to mimic satirist Jonathan Swift’s famous essay, “A Modest Proposal.” Now, to set the stage, Swift’s work satirically suggested passages included the boiling and eating of poor children in order to rid rich people of the obligation of caring for the poor. This, of course, was certainly not meant to be taken... Read More >

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