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Book Review: For Immediate Release

2011-09-22 by EPR Staff
ronn torossian | 5W PR | for immediate release

A few weeks ago we spoke with 5WPR Founder and CEO Ronn Torossian about his company, and his take on PR now. Today, we offer an inside look at Ronn's forthcoming book For Immediate Release (click on the image), a resource of immense value for veteran and budding communicators in all spheres. For those unfamiliar with Torossian, this dynamic, even mercuric entrepreneur, has  paved new pathways into the ways we do  business in the digital world. Toting an image as a tough, hands on, and extremely wired mover, Torossian navigates his way through the circuitous Manhattan landscape - a sort of communications "gun-slinger"... Read More >

Ronn Torossian on PR Today: Everything PR Exclusive

2011-08-05 by EPR Staff
ronn torossian 5wpr

Everything PR News had the privilege this morning to interview one of the world's most influential entrepreneurs and PR professionals, 5W Public Relations' President and CEO, Ronn Torossian. As the news of markets falling, despots being deposed, and celebrities realities reach us on various media, we talked with Ronn about the state of public relations today, and about his take, as one of the world's great crisis doctors. The Value of Mercury By way of a short introduction, for the budding PR or marketer out there, who has been trapped beneath the proverbial rock, Ronn Torossian is a figure in... Read More >

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