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Facebook Adds Anniversaries to Profiles: Monetization to Follow?

2009-12-18 by EPR Staff
Facebook Anniversary look back

Facebook added Anniversaries to its account settings this week, indicating a sensitivity to the requests of its users. If you are in a relationship (married, or in a relationship with your significant other), you can now mark the anniversary of your relationship to your profile. The new setting is found under “Family and Relationship in your account settings. The new addition to the Facebook profile info both displays the pertinent date to others that can see your profile, and acts as a reminder for those that need a little nudge when that time of year swings back around. This anniversary... Read More >

The Coming Backlash of Facebook Privacy

2009-12-16 by EPR Staff
Facebook Privacy

Our lifestyles are quite public in this day and age. We post photos from the most mundane activities on Facebook, sharing photos from our mobile phones without a second thought. We write blog posts, offering up a snapshot of our current mental position on every topic imaginable, from politics to marketing. With Facebook shifting from a private network by default to that of a public network, we all stand shocked at what is to come. An onslaught of public information. As if we didn't already have enough. Twitter really changed the game, giving us the liberty to share our thoughts... Read More >

Coca Cola PR: Coke Zero Finds Your Twin on Facebook

2009-12-16 by EPR Staff
coca cola customer engagement

Coca Cola generally does a good job with its marketing, though some campaigns have been hit or miss. With the new bottle design having already taken over stores across the nation, it's time to keep the sales going and encourage a little more brand recognition. The latest marketing campaign from Coke is a social media integrated application that helps you find your look-alike. The promotion is actually for Coke Zero, which is being touted as having the same taste as the original Coke drink. And if Coke Zero can have the same taste, then there's gotta be someone out there... Read More >

Social Media PR: Facebook Proves its Place

2009-12-15 by EPR Staff
Facebook News

Facebook is huge. It's taken over so much of our lives in the past few years, that we've readily accepted it as the hub of most our social, online activity. It's unavoidable, in the press, on our computers, and our mobile phones. And Facebook has managed to stay at the top of our buzz list because of its ability to reshape our cultural and social norms. Here is a list of some of the most amazing and unbelievable Facebook-related stories from the past 12 months, reflecting on the social network's impact on our lives. There was the 13 year-old girl that... Read More >

Is There a Good Side to Facebook’s New Privacy Settings?

2009-12-14 by EPR Staff
Facebook App everything-pr

Facebook's new privacy polity roll out makes user profile data public by default, and that was more than many expected. Having been first announced back in July, the changes Facebook began rolling out last week make its content far more accessible than many would have conjectured based on Facebook's history. Keeping things relatively private and layering even more privacy options atop those standards made Facebook one of the safer and user-centric social networks to dominate the scene. Yet the changes Facebook is currently making to its profile set up appears to have another agenda. Making profile content public by default... Read More >

Job Market Could Fuel Twitter App Growth

2009-12-14 by EPR Staff
twitter layoff

It may not be the biggest trend, but more and more companies are turning to Twitter in order to find new employees for hire. Asking them to tweet instead of submit a resume, the companies most likely to use Twitter for this purpose are those that are already tech savvy and are in need of a socially aware employee for online marketing positions. It's common knowledge that businesses can quickly do a Google search and find all sorts of information on a potential new hire based on the information they share across the social web. For a few years now,... Read More >

Social Media Boot Camp Courtesy of the ARMY

2009-12-11 by EPR Staff
Army Social Media

The Army and social media. Two aspects of our culture that don't quite seem to go together, but apparently they do. Ragan outlines four lessons in social media marketing that come from our very own armed service, noting the goals the Army is after in its online efforts along with the things other marketers can learn from what the Army is doing so far. The four areas covered by Ragan include a large roster of Army bloggers, the ability for blogging to convey the human side of a soldier's story, the use of multimedia sharing to help tell that story,... Read More >

Top 100 PR Websites and Resources

2009-12-11 by EPR Staff
facebook limbo

As we promised, we bring you today a list of the most important PR websites and resources of the year. Twitter, Google Wave, Bing, and Facebook will of course have important presences in this top, but we will also include the classic PR "go to" sites like PRWeb, social media sites, business and finance and so on. We base our selection on what we personally reviewed and tested, the resources we use every day to monitor the media, and also on what we use in our PR endeavors for our customers. Today we offer you the first 50 sites, best... Read More >

Social Media Becoming TV’s Marketing Haven

2009-12-09 by EPR Staff
Public Relations Social Media

The marketing promise of social networking is still part of a larger experiment, but many brands are ready, willing an able to invest in the underlying theories. Bravo TV and the Dallas Cowboys have both announced major social media initiatives to further their reach and brand affiliation across the web. Bravo TV is having a virtual viewing party for the season finale of Top Chef tonight, while the Dallas Cowboys have ramped up their social media presence with a new Facebook Fan Page, iPhone app and Twitter push, among other things. The Top Chef viewing party takes place tonight at... Read More >

Yoono Adds yfrog to Browser Tool, Transforming the Social Web

2009-12-09 by EPR Staff
Yoono everything-pr

Yoono is the latest to add yfrog to its feature set, giving it prime placement as the default option for photo and video posting to Twitter. Yoono's browser-based tool acts as an easy sharing and interaction mechanism while actively using the web. Encouraging people to use its browser add-on means layering in as many means of convenience as possible. yfrog offers this convenience, specifically in the realm of sharing media on Twitter's microblogging platform. As one of the more widely used and popular Twitter applications, yfrog simplifies the process of sharing multimedia items to your Twitter followers. Uploading and sharing... Read More >

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