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Twitter Vows to Combat Bullying

2017-01-11 by Aaron Sarno
Twitter vows to fight bullying in the New Year

Cyberbullying. There’s a new headline about it just about every day. It’s a constant problem online, and a challenge for parents who want their kids to be able to surf safely. But, it turns out, it’s an issue for adults too. All too often, the issue becomes less about bullying and more about harassment. One errant social media comment – or one perceived by some as errant – can evolve into a barrage from total strangers that can last for days. That less than stellar reputation led Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to consider ways he could make the company better... Read More >

Earned Media Measurement for PR

2016-12-31 by Richard D. Pace
Earned Media Measurement for PR

Past Practices Earned media is any advertisement that is not bought. Media monitoring services would report on every one of these mentions collected in manila folders each week or month. From them, a company would determine visibility. They would also determine the value of earned placements by determining how much a an actual advertisement would cost in the publication. That was called advertising value equivalency, or AVE. The problem with that way of determining value is that the visibility is not true visibility, but potential. William Comcowich says that "PR measurement gurus like Katie Paine, Angie Jeffrey, Mike Daniels, Sandra... Read More >

Facebook censorship could open the China door

2016-12-09 by Jason Tannahill
Rumored Facebook censorship tool could open the door to China

American tech companies have “enjoyed” a tenuous and complicated relationship with China for some time now. As one of the biggest and fastest growing emerging markets, China is a major target for American companies looking to expand internationally. In recent months, Apple has faced a contentious back and forth with the Chinese government as it attempts to expand and compete against domestic tech companies in China’s – very – rich marketplace. Now, Facebook is on deck for a similar fight. After being kicked out of the world’s second-largest economy, Facebook went back to the drawing board to come up with... Read More >

Oops – Twitter suspends the account of its own CEO

2016-12-01 by Jason Tannahill
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Recently, Twitter has been in the news a lot, talking about plans to block or suspend accounts of people who post objectionable content to the social media network. The main targets of suspensions have been members of the so-called “alt-right” movement, which some people call patriots and others call racists. The suspensions have touched off a firestorm of debate about the role of social media in the public square as well as the rights of users to speak their minds without censorship. On one side you have people who believe the accounts belong to them, so they should be able to... Read More >

Zuckerberg accused of hate speech

2016-11-18 by Jason Tannahill
Zuckerberg accused of hate speech

When you think about hate speech on Facebook, generally the assumption might be that it’s coming from users aimed at other users. Everyone’s familiar with the inevitable devolution of the comment thread. Where someone says something, someone else takes offense, and suddenly everyone is evil incarnate. You know, Godwin’s Law. But German authorities have begun a hate speech investigation into allegations that may surprise many users – complaints against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The allegations come from attorney Chango Jun, whose complaint includes not only Zuckerberg but also other Facebook executives such as CEO Sheryl Sandberg, as well as European executives... Read More >

Using Social Media Better

2016-11-15 by Aaron Sarno
Using Social Media Better

2016 has already proven innovative for PR efforts by some agencies. The #perfectlyimperfect campaign sponsored by FCB Health, RX Mosaic Health, and Teva Women’s Health was used to help women in the 18-34 age range stress less about “being perfect.” The campaign also offered information on emergency contraception –- because even with contraception women can be perfectly imperfect. The campaign included a media tour using spokeswomen from MTV’s Girl, Dr. Diana Ramos (a women’s health expert and OB/GYN), and fairs on four college campuses with panel discussions and photo/video booths. The campaign proved highly successful with 100% positive engagement, 1,500... Read More >

NCAA Still Racking Up Penalties Against North Carolina

2016-10-24 by Richard D. Pace
NCAA still racking up penalties against North Carolina

North Carolina won’t blink. No matter what businesses and events have threatened to pull out, and which ones have already made good on those threats, state lawmakers have refused to back down from what others have described as their “controversial” laws. When the NCAA relocated the men’s basketball regional tournament to South Carolina, that was just one more in a long line of penalties the college sports association has leveled against the state for its stand on social issues. This comes after the announcement, made last month that the NCAA would pull seven other championships out of the basketball state. These... Read More >

Rogers and Cowan – Celebrity PR for More Than 65 Years

2016-09-26 by Jason Tannahill
Rogers & Cowan everything-pr

Rogers and Cowan is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) and is global, with their headquarters in Los Angeles and other offices in New York, Florida, and London. R&C opened their doors in 1950 representing actors and actresses, although up until that time, most performers were represented by their studios. R&C represented a new way of doing things. Leadership and Clients The original founders were Henry Rogers and Warren Cowan. Tom Tardio has been in charge as Chairman since 1991. Paul Bloch serves as co-Chairman and is one of the original partners, and the CEO as of 2015... Read More >

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition Issues Social Media RFP

2016-09-19 by Jason Tannahill
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition Issues Social Media RFP

  The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is an alliance driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition. Created in 2002 at a Special Session of the UN General Assembly on Children, GAIN supports public-private partnerships to increase access to the missing nutrients in diets necessary for people, communities and economies to be stronger and healthier. In Indonesia, it has operated since 2012 and collaborates closely with the Ministry of health and other national and international organizations. Growing attention has been focused on the importance of improving nutrition of girls during adolescence for her health and well-being and... Read More >

Taking Sexy Bikini Shots In College Can Forever Affect Your Career

2016-09-19 by Jason Tannahill
Taking Sexy Bikini Shots In College Can Forever Affect Your Career

What Happens on the Internet, Stays on the Internet This is not in the way talked about with Las Vegas, but in quite the opposite: hen pictures or comments are posted on the Internet, count on them being there forever. Count on them being there long after the giddy days of youth have passed and there’s a need to be taken seriously in a career, or something you never want your grandchildren to view. Remember the Future Topless pictures or videos, as well as pictures in lingerie or the skimpiest of bikinis, are probably not a good idea unless that... Read More >

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