Mobile Shopping Apps to Inherit the Future?

2010-01-04 by EPR Staff
Mobile Shopping

A recent study from claims that more and more shoppers are getting comfortable making online purchases from their smart phones. The survey shows that approximately 37% of smart phone users have purchased something with their devices in the last 6 months. More popular items include music, books, DVDs, movie tickets and video games. Given our recent departure from the holiday season's shopping madness, it's becoming increasingly evident of the growing necessity for brands, advertisers and retailers to focus on mobile strategies for the future. Ongoing support of online shopping, being pushed from the more secure online banking industry and... Read More >

Microsoft Is the Most Engaging Global Property, comScore Reports

2009-11-06 by EPR Staff
Microsoft Cloud

A study by comScore Inc. found that Microsoft's sites captured nearly 15 percent of time spent online worldwide in September, followed by Google sites and Yahoo! sites. is the fourth most engaging destination, followed by China's Tencent Inc on fifth. Facebook's visitors spent 1.4 billion hours on the site in September, up 193 percent from the previous year. comScore reports in September 27 billion hours spent on the Internet globally by a record online population of 1.2 billion Internet users age 15 and older, with Microsoft sites leading the pack, and Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger representing nearly 70 percent... Read More >

Major News Outlets Confused Over Consumer Confidence

2009-10-28 by EPR Staff
Consumer Products Declining

The world woke up today from conflicting reports via Reuters concerning US consumer confidence. Several Reuters outlets reported confidence in the economy at an all time low, while one agency in Hong Kong was reporting the opposite. Between Reuters, Nielsen, and other key information sources the public should be fairly confused as Google reveals both the up and down of this perplexing situation. A simple Google News search for stories about business revealed still more bad news with regard to US consumers' confidence this month. However, further investigation revealed that even Reuters seems confused as to whether people in the... Read More >

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