Paid to Post: the Facebook/Twitter Model

2012-03-13 by Archie Obrien
Social Media Roles

Make money online is one of the most searched terms online, serving up millions of results, each more puzzling than the other. From MLM get rich quick schemes, to pay-per-post opportunities for bloggers, there's nothing new under the sun, and nothing can surprise us anymore. When it comes to social media, however, many have hoped to keep things transparent, and genuine. A lost cause, as you will soon realize. Last year in August, eMarketer ran a feature called How Valuable Are Social Media Sponsorships? The conclusions of that study were that blog posts and videos were the mentions with the... Read More >

Email Campaigns with Discounts Will Get You More Shares

2012-02-28 by Almaz
email marketing everything-pr

People are more likely to share emails that include discounts than any other type of email campaign, according to a new Email Marketers Worldwide Q4 2011 research by email marketing software provider Emailvision. 34,7% of campaigns that include discounts are shared, say marketers, while only 20,8% of the humorous ones are passed along. Also, only 19,8% of email campaigns with direct incentives get shared and even less, 19,4%, those containing announcements and other types of fresh information. Marketers around the globe try to reach their opted-in subscribers and these results show that discounts are the best approach, as they seem... Read More >

Search, Banner and Video Ads Get Most Advertising Dollars

2012-02-03 by Jason Tannahill

The bulk of this year's online ad spending in the US will go to fuel only a few ad formats, mainly search, banners and video. Not only will they take most of ad spending  of the 2012 online ad budget, estimated by at about 40 million US dollars, but these three types of ads will claim 80% of budgets throughout 2016. Search will maintain its top position among ad formats, but its share of overall online advertising budgets will slowly decrease from 2012 to 2016, the remaining funds being invested online video ads which will almost double their share,... Read More >

Android Models Dominate Social Media Mentions

2012-01-13 by Archie Obrien
Net sentiment score.

DigitalMR, a social media research specialist focusing on online reputation measurement and analysis,  has announced that Android smartphones are the most mentioned brand on the Internet.  With Android models from Samsung, HTC and Motorola being the top three most mentioned smartphone brands accounting for over 68% of all measured customer comments, this news pushes the Apple iPhone into 4th place. Powered by SocialNuggets, the study was based on comments posted via a range of relevant websites and forums and open access social media platforms.  Measuring not only the number of comments posted, the study also factored in their sentiment.  By... Read More >

Facebook and Twitter Main Channels for Customer Complaints

2011-12-23 by Aaron Sarno
future graph

[caption id="attachment_31914" align="alignleft" width="250"] 78% of respondents believe that social media platforms would either soon entirely replace other means of customer service[/caption] 88% of consumers are less likely to buy from companies that leave complaints on social media unanswered, a study commissioned by Conversocial revealed. For readers unfamiliar with Conversocial, this is an excellent social CRM and social customer service SAP. With Conversocial, businesses are able to involve marketing, customer care, customer service, and CRM teams in the conversation, and better understand social media ROI. The software helps companies deliver customer service on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks -... Read More >

Social Media Trends & More Trends

2011-12-22 by Archie Obrien

Social networking has been described as the global cultural phenomenon of the year, and the trend is most likely to grow in 2012, when people will continue to connect in innovative ways, via portable devices that will eventually became "wearable" like Sony's Nextep wrist-cum-holographic computer projected for 2020. It's very likely that Hiromi Kiriki's design will come to a dealer near you way sooner than initially stated, and it will be equipped with everything that makes the trends grow stronger: social media connect, voice activated assistants, apps galore, bonus features, HD cameras and so on. But what's more than certain... Read More >

The Future of Advertising Lies in Smartphones

2011-09-20 by Aaron Sarno
instagram social media

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the future is mobile. In marketing and advertising, it should be more apparent than ever, that the way to reach broader audiences on the move is to optimize the message for mobile consumers, be they smartphone users, iPad users, or users of other cutting edge mobile platforms. A recent study by Market Authority, Inc found that nearly 6 out of 10 SmartPhone owners look for a business without knowing the specific name; and that they look for businesses by categories, or niches, more than 55% of the time. The study also... Read More >

PR Survey: Customer Service Is Getting Worse

2011-07-06 by Aaron Sarno
Customer Service

A recent survey by Polaris Marketing Research has found that one-third of Americans believe that customer service is getting worse across all of their purchases, while forty-four percent believe that customer service is staying the same. While surveys are conducted on a limited number of consumers - in this case 1,000 American consumers during the week of June 20, 2011 - they are indicative of a general trend. The results of the aforementioned survey showed that perceptions of customer service do not vary based on household income or education. It is vital for retailers to address issues that lead to... Read More >

Buying Trends on Fourth of July

2011-07-01 by Aaron Sarno
4th of July Shopping Spree everything-pr

MyWebGrocer announced the buying trends for this Fourth of July holiday. These include the traditional grilling and barbecue produce, from hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato chips to sauces and tools. The survey shows the most popular brands, while offering valuable insights to grocery businesses as they work to optimize supermarket shelf management and online sales. MyWebGrocer announced the buying trends for this Fourth of July holiday. These include the traditional grilling and barbecue produce, from hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato chips to sauces and tools. The survey shows the most popular brands, while offering valuable insights to grocery businesses as they work... Read More >

New Study Shows Pricing Discrepancy Online Vs. In-Store

2011-06-20 by Aaron Sarno
Pricing Discrepancy everything-pr

Where would you rather buy? Online, or in store? If undecided, a new study by Anthem Marketing Solutions may offer some answers. The study found changing patterns in online and offline pricing. When compared, items with prices below $15 were cheaper in store, and those priced above $15 were generally cheaper online. Anthem Marketing Solutions conducted a similar study in the Fall of 2010, when they found that items below $50 were often cheaper in-store. But the trend changed, and the online items appear now to generate more savings than items that you could buy at a normal retail shop.... Read More >

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