Bill Gates Gets Twitter’s Red Carpet Treatment

2010-01-20 by EPR Staff

Bill Gates is on Twitter. Yes, the real Bill Gates. Not too long after President Obama gave in and started tweeting, the man behind Microsoft is also right behind Obama in finally taking part in this microblogging phenomenon. We're not too sure what Gates will be tweeting about, but we're pretty positive it will be politically correct. We're also not too sure if people will care about Gates joining Twitter, but they sure rolled out the red carpet for the billionaire philanthropist to join their site. Bill Gates joins twitter @BillGates! Gates has a verified account, which means that Twitter... Read More >

Kim Kardashian, Twitter and The Law

2010-01-14 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

Twitter. What is it, really? A blog? A chat room? An email system? The ability to support so many types of conversation streams without having to invest a deep personal relationship with the service itself is the prime trait that Twitter has harnessed. And that could lead some of us in some very hot water. The fluidity of a service like Twitter creates a grey area which can be left to interpretation, by pundits, social media experts, journalists and individual users. Lawyers and judges, however, may soon get in on this debate. The legal issues that can arise from a... Read More >

Adam Schefter Demonstrates ESPN’s Twitter Benefits

2010-01-11 by EPR Staff
Adam Schefter

Twitter can make you go mad. Just ask Adam Schefter, ESPN reporter. After he began tweeting, he realized how addictive it can be. With over 75,000 followers, responding to all of their questions, replies and comments is an overwhelming task. So how can ESPN manage an employee’s Twitter presence, and how will Twitter and similar platforms continue shifting the journalism landscape? In a recent interview with Sporting News, Schefter noted his process for tweeting about breaking news. A story filed by ESPN that’s worthy of a tweet, directing followers to check out the ESPN website or tune to its cable... Read More >

NBC’s New Domain for its @BreakingNews Twitter Stream

2010-01-05 by EPR Staff

MSNBC has acquired the URL, making the site a new destination for accessing news leads as they emerge. The site accompanies the @breakingnews Twitter stream that MSNBC assumed responsibility for late last year, making the acquisition the latest in the news network's efforts towards re-branding for the digital age. The new site isn't entirely different from the @breakingnews Twitter stream, which is just one part of a growing system towards the MSNBC Digital Network. Recent news stories from aggregate sources are time-date stamped and clearly outlined per their headlines, leaving a simple interface for cross-promoting between the new... Read More >

Can Twitter Bring Brain-Powered Tech to the Masses?

2009-12-30 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

Mind control and social networking. The two seem to be vastly unrelated, but the time is nearing when we may be able to control more socially oriented applications with our thoughts alone. Tweeting directly from our brains is something I often joke about, but recognize its potential as a future option for truly sharing our thoughts. Of course, there's a great deal of fear when relinquishing power to an electronic device to collect and translate our thoughts into a widely accessible interface such as Twitter--recognizing the intent to share one's thoughts versus the ability to keep thoughts to ourselves is... Read More >

No One Likes Social Media Gurus, Especially on Twitter

2009-12-28 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

Social media gurus may soon outnumber porn professionals on Twitter. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you understand my point. There are far too many social media gurus on Twitter. There are arguably far too many porn professionals on Twitter as well, but that's a different discussion for a different day. The point here is really that social media is turning on itself, granting an opportunity to do its job too well. Social media gurus have been saying for some time now that business professionals need to have a Twitter presence. Twitter is huge for marketing,... Read More >

Is Email Still a Good Way to Communicate with Your PR Clients

2009-12-18 by EPR Staff
email marketing everything-pr

How do you communicate with your PR clients? Do you communicate mostly by telephone? Do you reach them primarily through email? Or, are you like a growing number of businesses? Do you contact clients mainly through one of the new social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter? It has even been suggested that Google Wave is a replacement for email. The question of whether email is on its way out is significant for PR agencies, and indeed, for anyone who does business online. Not too long ago, a popular newspaper speculated that email was indeed on its way out. The... Read More >

Job Market Could Fuel Twitter App Growth

2009-12-14 by EPR Staff
twitter layoff

It may not be the biggest trend, but more and more companies are turning to Twitter in order to find new employees for hire. Asking them to tweet instead of submit a resume, the companies most likely to use Twitter for this purpose are those that are already tech savvy and are in need of a socially aware employee for online marketing positions. It's common knowledge that businesses can quickly do a Google search and find all sorts of information on a potential new hire based on the information they share across the social web. For a few years now,... Read More >

Yoono Adds yfrog to Browser Tool, Transforming the Social Web

2009-12-09 by EPR Staff
Yoono everything-pr

Yoono is the latest to add yfrog to its feature set, giving it prime placement as the default option for photo and video posting to Twitter. Yoono's browser-based tool acts as an easy sharing and interaction mechanism while actively using the web. Encouraging people to use its browser add-on means layering in as many means of convenience as possible. yfrog offers this convenience, specifically in the realm of sharing media on Twitter's microblogging platform. As one of the more widely used and popular Twitter applications, yfrog simplifies the process of sharing multimedia items to your Twitter followers. Uploading and sharing... Read More >

Grateful Lessons Learned from Tweetsgiving and Twitter

2009-11-19 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

Tweetsgiving was built last year by small team Epic Changes in six days, launching a widely successful fund-raising effort that brought $10k towards building schools in Tanzania, Australia. At the heart of Tweetsgiving’s success was the power of Twitter. Released two days before Thanksgiving in 2008, Tweetsgiving quickly became a trending topic on Twitter and the spirit of gratitude was spread across the world through shared tweets. As far as we have come in our American history, Thanksgiving remains a universal holiday staying true to that spirit of gratitude. Leveraging a widespread appeal to individual’s potential for graciousness and the... Read More >

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