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How to Land an Entry Level Public Relations Job

You have just received an excellent foundation in public relations through your education. However, in today’s competitive job marketplace you must know how to kick your entry-level PR job search up a notch.  Here’s how...

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The Secrets to Employee Retention

One of the most difficult decisions for anyone to make is when to quit their job. A job that provides security and consistently pays the bills has a strong pull, even if you think...

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Guide to Effective Remote Working

Working remotely has definite advantages. You avoid the hassle of commuting to work and you can have a more flexible schedule. There are, however, certain pitfalls that can accompany working at home. For better...

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Expedia Encourages Healthier Lifestyle Habits Among Employees

Expedia promotes employee well-being with a host of health and wellness programs to encourage healthier lifestyle habits. The company opened a clinic at its headquarters, revised its vacation policy, and offers employees and their families information, resources and tools to develop and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle .