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Why Working in PR Is So Stressful…

Stressful PR

PR professionals know the meaning of stress! Some places rank careers in public relations within the top ten of most stressful jobs. So what is it exactly that makes PR professionals want to tear their hair out? Why is working in PR so stressful? The answer has to do with what exactly it means to […]

How to Land an Entry Level Public Relations Job

entry level public relations

You have just received an excellent foundation in public relations through your education. However, in today’s competitive job marketplace you must know how to kick your entry-level PR job search up a notch.  Here’s how to optimize your PR career job pursuit through social media and other online search tools. Craigslist Using Google Advanced Search Use […]

4 Ways to Increase your Workplace Value

workplace value

The economy of today is complex, and this means that it is quite tricky to keep or find work even for those employees who are well qualified. With the increasing number of talented individuals seeking opportunities, you have to work extra hard so as to keep your job and also climb up the desired corporate […]

The Secrets to Employee Retention

New York

One of the most difficult decisions for anyone to make is when to quit their job. A job that provides security and consistently pays the bills has a strong pull, even if you think there may be better jobs out there … and especially if you know there is better out there. It’s a strange […]

Guide to Effective Remote Working


Working remotely has definite advantages. You avoid the hassle of commuting to work and you can have a more flexible schedule. There are, however, certain pitfalls that can accompany working at home. For better or worse, more and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely. Let’s look at some of the ways to make […]

Workplace: When WTF Might be Okay at Work


Social norms are changing. The rules of what is and is not permissible at work might be relaxing, Cursing has been in the news a lot lately. If you believe the hype it seems like everyone is doing it, from mailroom clerks to CEOs. But does that give you license to spit some profanity across […]

How to Not Botch an Interview

PR Job Interview

EPR contributor Harold Miller reveals the most likely questions asked at a job interview, and gives you a few tips to make an impression.

Expedia Encourages Healthier Lifestyle Habits Among Employees


Expedia promotes employee well-being with a host of health and wellness programs to encourage healthier lifestyle habits. The company opened a clinic at its headquarters, revised its vacation policy, and offers employees and their families information, resources and tools to develop and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle .