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Why Working in PR Is So Stressful…

Stressful PR

PR professionals know the meaning of stress! Some places rank careers in public relations within the top ten of most stressful jobs. So what is it exactly that makes PR professionals want to tear their hair out? Why is working in PR so stressful? The answer has to do with what exactly it means to … [Read more...]

The Secrets to Employee Retention

New York

One of the most difficult decisions for anyone to make is when to quit their job. A job that provides security and consistently pays the bills has a strong pull, even if you think there may be better jobs out there … and especially if you know there is better out there. It’s a strange inverse … [Read more...]

Guide to Effective Remote Working


Working remotely has definite advantages. You avoid the hassle of commuting to work and you can have a more flexible schedule. There are, however, certain pitfalls that can accompany working at home. For better or worse, more and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely. Let’s look at … [Read more...]

How to Not Botch an Interview

PR Job Interview

When you’re on an interview, you’re going to be asked goal setting questions, hands-down. Unless you’re prepared, these questions are going to stump you, especially if you're unsure of your career goals. What does a kid straight out of high school know about his future? How about a college graduate … [Read more...]