Due date: Interested candidates must submit complete proposals to by 4:00 PM (ET), on

Wednesday, May 8, 2024. 

Responses should include the subject line “Response to RFP: Tri-County

Marketing Collateral Consultant.” Proposals that are received later than this deadline will not be

considered. Communication between the proposing vendors and Tri-County staff during the time

between the release of the RFP and the selection of a preferred vendor is to be limited to clarifying

questions e-mailed to These questions should be received by Tri-County no

later than Friday, May 3, 2024. Tri-County staff will post answers to the questions on the Tri-

County website by Monday, May 6, 2024. There will be no direct replies to questions.


Tri-County is a public planning agency established in 1956, that leads innovative public planning

for Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties to foster prosperity in Mid-Michigan. We believe in

developing a sustainable future for our region’s economy, natural resources, and transportation

system and infrastructure. We are dedicated leaders and innovators, connecting local

organizations and governments to funding, technical assistance, data resources, and opportunities

to discuss trends and challenges affecting the Greater Lansing area.

Tri-County is seeking to enter a contract for ongoing services with a qualified firm to serve as a

consultant (“Consultant”) to produce marketing collateral and deliverables and provide services

that maximize the visibility of Tri-County’s work, improve and enhance the agency’s image, and

engage, educate, and solicit feedback from a variety of audiences in the community. This includes

digital and print materials such as graphics, displays, brand products, and print media, and services

for design, writing and media relations, community engagement, and social media best practices

as needed.

The Consultant will be responsible for developing a clear vision and timeline expectations for each

deliverable in collaboration with Tri-County. Deliverables, as detailed in the Scope of Services

section on the following page, are essential for communicating and illustrating the impacts of the

agency’s programs on the Greater Lansing region. These materials are designed to inform and

involve members of the public and key community players regarding the agency’s work in

transportation, community development, and the environment.


The Consultant will develop and provide brand, event, design, and other marketing collateral and

services as requested, including but not limited to:

• Rack cards

• Brochures

• Flyers, handouts, etc.

• Displays, posters, and banners

• Graphics for digital and print mediums, including social media, events, website, and


• Press releases

• Document and report templates for design programs

• Media and community relations

• Business cards

• Videos and animation

• Promotional products

• Postcards and direct mail

• Campaigns and ads

• Social media strategy, digital presence, and SEO

• Community engagement support

• Landing pages

• Blog posts and announcements

• Newsletters and E-marketing

• Radio PSAs

Deliverables should be produced in and/or provided for in the following programs, including but

not limited to, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Adobe Creative Cloud platforms

(Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.), Canva, Loomly, Piktochart, Poll Everywhere, Survey

Monkey,, and Wix, as agreed upon for each deliverable.


1. Contract Management and Administration

a. Contract Administration – The Consultant will perform general administrative duties

associated with the contract and deliverables, including progress monitoring, scheduling,

general correspondences, office administration, product delivery, and invoicing.

b. Progress and Planning Meetings – Schedule and preside over meeting(s) as needed to

include key personnel from each participating entity, including Tri-County and the

Consultant. Prepare agenda and issue notes of the meeting(s). Meetings shall discuss the

components of the marketing collateral, develop an agreed-upon budget for each

deliverable, present a production and delivery schedule for each deliverable, approve and

edit collateral, and discuss the needs of the Consultant.

2. Marketing Collateral and Services

a. The consultant shall provide Tri-County with recommendations for any marketing

collateral based on ongoing agency projects, programs, and services.

b. The consultant shall provide all deliverable elements and working digital files, font files,

individual graphics, and applicable collateral to Tri-County.

c. Submit an electronic copy of draft iterations of each deliverable for Tri-County review,

comments, and editing, with physical copies available upon request. Meet with Tri-

County to discuss and review draft deliverables as requested.

d. Submit an electronic copy of each final deliverable with physical copies available upon

request. Tri-County holds the right for final approval before final marketing collateral is

provided and shall maintain the right to ask for edits as necessary throughout the

contract. Any marketing deliverables/and collateral created pertaining to the Scope of

Services will not be finalized without prior approval from Tri-County.

3. Recommendations and Opinion of Probable Cost

a. The Consultant shall give recommendations and an opinion of probable costs of

deliverables that would incur additional direct expenses to the agency upon

implementation (printing, campaigns, etc.), according to the defined Scope of Services.

4. Schedule

a. Tri-County would like to enter into a contract to consult out certain marketing collateral

on an ongoing, as-needed basis.

b. Payment for services would be provided upon completion of agreed-upon

products/milestones and invoicing intervals

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