Using 5G Technology in Marketing Efforts

There are certain ways that 5G technology can change the way companies tell their stories by offering new opportunities with the faster upcoming mobile standard. The impacts of 5G technology can range from smaller in certain areas to more significant in others. The rollout of the 5G cellular network is going to change the way the marketing industry operates. According to experts, the new technology is going to allow for the creation of a number of new applications, such as process management apps, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) programs, IoT, and utility metering programs. It will also allow companies to provide haptic and 3D holographic experiences for consumers.

Mobile Migration

One of the key changes that 5G will bring to the marketing industry is the ability to shift even more people toward mobile devices. 5G is certain to bring in a new change from people relying on land-based data transmission techs, such as ISP, cable, DSL, and every other non-mobile format, into a bigger adoption that’s solely based on cellular communication. When it is implemented at its full capacity, 5G technology is poised to overcome people’s use and reliance on wired connections. That’s because the wireless transfer rates of 5G are going to be fast enough to cater to the needs of most marketers and consumers.

Mobile-First Search

For over a decade now, Google, as well as other search engines, have highlighted the importance of companies tailoring their digital experiences to mobile devices. With the rollout of 5G technology, the marketing landscape may turn into a completely mobile-first search landscape. When that happens, companies will need to find a faster way to incorporate the different mobile search advantages that the technology provides. Google and other search engines have noted the importance of implementing a mobile-first approach when companies are designing a website, in order to comply with their mobile-first initiatives as well as their SEO practices. With the implementation of 5G  technology, mobile-optimized company websites are going to become even more important due to the benefits that the technology brings in terms of how people use the internet to communicate.

New Opportunities

With the increasing number of mobile-first users all over the globe, alongside the better internet speeds that 5G provides, companies are facing plenty of new opportunities for marketing. When previous technological limitations are overcome due to the advantages of 5G, companies can become more humanized through their efforts to introduce authenticity to their brand stories and give voice to talent. The technology will allow companies to spend more time on the creative process of storytelling instead of worrying about the limitations that are imposed by current technologies.

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