Vlogging 101: How to Stand Out and Grow your Brand with Using a Vlog

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Building a brand that stands-out ground up requires some smart choices about  the businesses audience, brand image and offering. To stand out, brands need an image that separates them from peers in their respective niche.

An excellent way to grow one’s brand image and expose their offering to a multitude is vlogging or videoblogging. More than ever before,video content is the most popular form of digital content. According to YouTube , more than two billion logged-in users visit the platform each month. As well,people watch more than a billion hours of video,on a daily basis.

The statistics draw a clear picture of the potential that brands can exploit via strategically-position vlog content. To give any brand a competing edge and grow its presence, here are several tips on how to reach a greater audience while growing the brand.

3 Tips To Make a Vlog Stand-Out and Grow

#1. Target a Single Topic/Keyword

With more than 500 hours of video content being published every minute on youtube alone,it’s important for brands to adopt SEO best practices to maximize the number of viewers. Using a keyword tool that’s specific to preferred video platform—for instance KeywordTool.Io for Youtube—will help brands to identify the most-searched keywords in a brand’s target niche.

Prior to creating video content,brands shield select suitable keywords.With preselected keywords,brands can use keywords naturally throughout the vlog,enabling Youtube’s algorithms to pick-up the content once captions are added. 

At the same time,brands should study top-ranking videos in a specific niche to identify intent, and identify how to optimize video titles and descriptions. To add,keeping vlogs short and information-packed will draw more viewers,improving a channel’s rankings and boosting video views.

#2. Engage

Video publishing platforms are social media channels,hence engaging with a brand’s audience is key. Brands should encourage their audience to comment,share,like,or subscribe to their channel. With YouTube—the leading vlogging platform—rewarding channels that have high engagement levels,brands should be proactive in engaging with their audience to make their vlogs stand-out and grow.

Note: commenting on each viewer’s comment—where possible— improves a channel’s engagement levels,helping the channel to stand-out and grow.

With tools like youtube analytics,brands should keep an eye of key stats to help improve their channel’s engagement strategy.

#3. Visual Branding

Keeping a brand visually appealing is a strategy that’ll help a brand’s channel to stand-out. Looking professional will help drive engagement. What’s more,with a professionally branded channel, users can easily recognize new content,driving vp views and engagement. Worth noting,brands that have websites or blogs should ensure that their branding is similar.

With web traffic flowing from different mediums to a vlog,maintaining similarities in branding to encourage engagement. What’s more, adding custom URLs to channel headers,including interesting bios about the brand and the video content will help rank videos on major video publishing platforms. 

While branding a vlog,businesses should make sure that their channels appear more human.This will make vlogs appear more trustworthy,drawing more users and increasing engagement.

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