10 Wildlife Organizations You Should Know

In recent times, Wildlife Organizations gain more recognition due to the public becoming aware of the dangers of the world’s wildlife. Wildlife is the breath of our ecological balance, and that doesn’t negate the importance of smaller undomesticated lifeforms such as birds, fish, microscopic organisms, and fungi. The significance of all life forms is recognized by those who are willing to contribute to making a change.


1. Wildlife Conservation Society

– Founded in 1895, Wildlife Conservation Society primarily focuses on the conservation of wildlife habitats on a worldwide basis; they also adjust their focus on pressing matters such as climate change, human-wildlife coexistence, and sustainability. https://www.wcs.org/

2. Gorilla Doctors

– Providing hands-on medical care specifically to mountain gorillas, Gorilla Doctors staffs a dedicated team of veterinarians, who assist injured or wounded Grauer’s gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

3. International Fund For Animal Welfare

– Founded in 1969 by Brian Davies, the initial cause of the organization was to cease the hunting of whitecoat seals on the east coast of Canada. Today, IFAW has expanded its reaches to all animals; one of their mottos is “animals and people thriving together.” https://www.ifaw.org/

4. Rhino Save

– For 25 years, RhinoSave Foundation has championed the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research. Rhino Save Founder Gary Kaplan ensures his organization will do what it takes to help rhinos survive for future generations. http://rhinosave.com/

5. World Society For The Protection Of Animals

– The WSPA ensures that animals receive treatment and aid with dignity and respect. Their projects advocate the warmhearted treatment of animals, with an emphasis on their overall welfare.

6. People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

– PETA is the largest organization in the world concerning animal rights. PETA works through protest campaigns, animal rescue, cruelty investigation, and research; they primarily focus on animals who suffer in laboratories, the food industry, as well as within the clothing trade. https://www.peta.org/

7. Animal Welfare Institute

– Established in 1961, AWI does everything in its power to eliminate the detrimental impact human actions have had on endangered species. AWI endorses American legislation on a global scale. https://awionline.org/

8. Defenders Of Wildlife

– DOW strives to protect all native animals and plants within its natural communities. With over sixty years of defending and safeguarding endangered species such as American bison, Alaska gray wolf, and black bears as well, Defenders of Wildlife promotes pro-wildlife legislation by collaborating with communities and activist throughout various regions.

9. Wildlife Alliance

– Wildlife Alliance was founded in 1995 under the name Global Survival Network and changed its name to Wildlife Alliance in 2006. Their focus is on contending the illegal trade of wildlife.

10. WWF Global

– The WWF organization assists in sustaining biodiversity, as well as promoting human-animal coexistence. WWF actively forms policies along with legislation, explicitly focusing on species such as elephants, tigers, and dolphins.  https://wwf.panda.org/

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