4 Things to Do Before Releasing your Next PR Marketing Message

2018-09-26 by EPR Staff

4 Things to Do Before Releasing your Next PR Marketing Message

The right PR campaign has a long-lasting impact on any business. PR is designed to enhance a company’s reputation and give it the tools it needs to make a connection with its target audience. Of course, like any other business strategy, PR campaigns need to be carefully planned and executed if they have any hope of being successful.

There’s more to a great PR campaign than simply releasing a press statement about a new product or fundraiser. Here are some important things that all companies should do before they take their next message into the PR world.

1. Set Goals and Metrics to Measure

The first step in any successful PR strategy is setting a goal for the campaign. Companies need to decide what they want to achieve when they take their message to market. For instance, some businesses will simply want to capture the attention of a new audience, while others will want to improve their reputation with their current customers.

With a big-picture goal in mind, it’s much easier to decide how to measure the success of each PR campaign. For instance, a company that decides it wants more attention to its social media profiles out of a new marketing message can track the number of likes and comments on its Facebook or Twitter pages.

2. Know the Audience

Before delivering any branded message, it’s important for companies to make sure that they know their audience, and the kind of language those people speak. PR messages can have a lasting impact on any marketplace, but the best results come from the campaigns that resonate with an audience on a personal level.

A great way for brands to make sure that they have the right impact on their target audience is to create user personas before building a campaign. User personas give companies an insight into the mindset of their target audience so that they can build campaigns tailor-made for the right people.

3. Choose the Right Platform

With their goals and audience in mind, companies can begin to think about which platform they can use to generate the most volume for their marketing messages. For younger audiences, a television channel might seem like a good idea or a session in part of a YouTube channel stream. On the other hand, other companies might see more success using avenues like online magazines, Podcasts, or even press conferences.

Companies can choose the best platform for them by analyzing their competition and finding out where they go to connect with their target audience. It’s also worth looking at the intended audience and finding out where they spend most of their spare time.

4. Distribute Wisely

Finally, distribution is a crucial part of any PR strategy. Companies need to make sure that they deliver their content to the right media publications most relevant to their industry and their customers. Businesses that do their research in advance will be able to find the outlets most likely to build stronger connections with their target audience.