5 Tips on How to Market on Instagram

When it comes to marketing on social media platforms, for a few years now, Instagram has been one of the ideal platforms, especially for e-commerce companies. That’s partly due to the visual nature of the platform that’s managed to generate a high engagement with users and partly due to the fast evolution of the platform, adapting numerous valuable features. all of this and where is my Instagram Hester, and into a staple in marketing campaigns from many businesses, as well as the fact that it can reach billions of people all over the globe.

Account optimization

Companies that want to start and become more effective with marketing on the platform first need to optimize their accounts, including filling out their contact information, choosing a profile picture that’s going to be easy for customers to recognize, such as the company’s logo, and a description that’s further optimized with keywords. Then, companies also have to include hashtags that are clickable in the profile description, relevant links in the link section, a view shop button for consumers to make purchases inside the platform, as well as story highlights.


Given the fact that Instagram is the social media platform with the most active monthly users out of all the other platforms, it’s important for companies to understand the type of content that their target audiences prefer to consume to be able to grab their interest and cater to their needs. 

Content optimization

In general, however, according to research, the best type of content on the platform includes lighter images with more white space or background, photos that are dominated with blue colors or a single color and contrasts, and engaging captions for each piece of content that the company shares on the platform.


Although the use of hashtags first began on Twitter, using effective hashtags on Instagram is practically a must these days if companies want to generate better results with their marketing efforts on the platform. This way, companies will be able to categorize their content and even their entire accounts, so that whenever a user on Instagram clicks on one of the hashtags they come across, they get to see an entire collection of various public posts under that hashtag, and follow whichever hashtag or account they prefer. 

Hashtag types

There are different types of hashtags that companies can use to get the best possible results, including branded hashtags that are included in every post the company is sharing and also prominently displayed in the bio of the account, and timely hashtags for specific seasons or events. Then, there are niche hashtags that are only going to be relevant to the target audience of the business, as well as contest hashtags that are used to identify entries for contests that the company creates.

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