Independence, Missouri Issues Advertising & Marketing RFP


The City of Independence, Missouri seeks to establish a prequalified list of Advertising and Marketing (A/M) firms to provide services on an as needed, if needed basis.

Scope of Work:

  1. Media Planning and Placement/Purchases – If media planning and placement/purchase are required by the City, the contractor shall perform in accordance with any media plan approved by the City and as follows:

1)            After authorization by the City, the contractor shall order space, time, or other approved media and endeavor to secure the most advantageous rates available.

  1. a)            The contractor shall negotiate for the lowest possible rate on any media purchase on behalf of the City and must include negotiated maximum added value/promotional opportunities and bonus spots (if available) with appropriate written information for City approval. The contractor shall meet with media representatives on behalf of the City and shall have, if and when requested by the City, a written evaluation of each proposal submitted by media representatives.
  2. b)            In making such media buys, the contractor shall agree and understand that the contractor shall not be acting as an agent of the City, and shall not represent itself to be acting as an agent of the City. The contractor shall inform each media representative supplying space, time, or other advertising means that the contractor is not acting as an agent for the City and that the contractor shall be solely liable for payment to the media representative.
  3. c)            The contractor shall provide appropriate traffic instructions to each media entity.

2)            The contractor shall properly incorporate approved messages in mechanical or other necessary form and forward it with instructions for the fulfillment of the advertising order, check and verify instructions, displays, broadcasts, or other media to be utilized, to such a degree as normally performed by advertising/marketing agencies and as regarded as good practice. Even though the City entity approval has been received, the contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that there are no typographical errors or omissions in the final advertisements.

  1. a)            The contractor shall audit and verify the accuracy of all invoices from media outlets to ensure all advertisements were run and correctly billed. For advertisements not run as requested, the contractor shall either schedule a make good or give credit. The contractor must maintain and keep all records regarding make goods and credits.
  2. b)            Documentation and Reporting – The contractor shall prepare and maintain the following media documentation and shall submit reports to the City Department as further required in the Reporting Requirements section of this document.
  3. i)             The contractor must provide the City entity with copies of all insertion orders, change orders, and purchase orders with media/broadcast suppliers.
  4. ii)            Additionally, the contractor shall regularly evaluate media buys, markets, stations, programming and/or daypart, time period rating points, costs, etc. and provide any evaluation with recommendations to the City Department as deemed appropriate.
  1. Creative Services – If creative services are required by the City, the contractor shall provide creative services necessary for: (1) the creation of branding, tags and logos, (2) the creation of advertisements produced, (3) the creation of or design for production of premium items and permanent, semi- permanent, and non-permanent point-of sale or other collateral materials, and (4) any other creative services customarily performed by an advertising agency. The contractor shall perform as follows:

1)            Prior to developing and submitting any creative concepts to the City, the contractor must have a creative (brainstorming) in-person meeting with the City Department to discuss concepts. In addition, if required by the City Department, the contractor shall develop a creative strategy document for City approval based on information provided regarding the specific project. This document shall be designed to answer specific questions regarding the goals, targets, ideas to be communicated, current thinking, etc.

  1. Media Production – If media production services are required by the City, the contractor shall either provide or sub-contract to provide the services required for production of final form approved advertisements within required deadlines as follows:

1)            The contractor shall submit at least three (3) written estimates for television media production to the City for approval.

  1. a)            The estimates must include all of the following as applicable for the production. All estimates must identify all subcontractors or other parties involved in the production work and their full address.
  2. i)             media production fees,
  3. ii)            director recommendation,

iii)           pre- and post-production costs,

  1. iv)           talent fees,
  2. v)            costs for audio, music, digital, and film transfer
  3. vi)           contractor fees associated with the production.
  4. b)            In the event that the contractor proposes to utilize a television production company or individual located outside the City of Independence, the contractor must provide the City with justification that the services or facilities within Missouri were not adequate to complete the required work or are not competitively priced. The contractor shall understand that generally, all production should be handled by Missouri firms and individuals, unless there is a substantial reason to go out of state.
  5. c)            Once production is approved by the City, if actual charges will exceed ten percent (10%) more than the written estimate, the contractor must provide and receive approval from the City Department for revised estimates and a written justification for the increase.

2)            If radio production is approved by the City, the contractor shall, if required by the City, obtain and submit at least three (3) written estimates, in either an annual aggregate amount or for each production, for production costs to the City for approval. The estimates shall include studio time, sound effect costs, needledrop music, miscellaneous materials, phone patch costs, CD copies, contractor fees, etc.

3E.          Promotional/Collateral Material Distribution and Fulfillment – If required by the City, the contractor shall perform any of, but not necessary be limited to, the following services:

1)            Distribution of Materials – If required by the City, the contractor shall distribute collateral material such as brochures, posters, informational mailings, and other similar marketing materials such as specialty advertising items, video multimedia presentations, etc., as approved by the City.

2)            Fulfillment Activities – If required by the City, the contractor shall perform fulfillment activities in order to further the goals of the City or otherwise encourage economic development in the City of Independence.

  1. Public Relations, Image Building Activities, Editorials, Internet Marketing, and Publicity – If required by the City department, the contractor shall perform public relations activities designed to assist in reaching the City department goals. As approved by the City department, the contractor’s activity shall include but not be limited to:

1)            Perform publicity and image building activities on behalf of the City department. The contractor must coordinate any news release in advance with the City and must obtain the City’s approval for all news releases, printed materials, and publications issued by the contractor on behalf of the City.

2)            The contractor shall apply leverage to its media contacts to cover and use stories about the City or the City’s project.

3)            Assist with promotions using the internet or other existing or new electronic marketing methods


  1. Research and Market Analysis – If required by the City, the contractor shall perform any of, but not necessarily be limited to, the following research and market analysis:

1)            The contractor shall employ research techniques to measure: (1) the impact and effectiveness of messages, creative designs, and media placement, (2) the opinions of target audience members, and (3) decision trends in the City department project subject matter, including any or all of the following:

  1. a)            Assisting the City in gathering public input. Such public input shall include, but not necessarily be limited to public forums, phone or mail surveys, in person interviewing (formal or informal), and statistical research, as necessary.
  2. b)            Assisting the City in publicizing market research and any conclusions drawn from market research.
  3. c)            Compiling information from standard published surveys conducted by other organizations.
  4. d)            Conducting market research and analysis, customer surveys, product surveys, etc.
  5. e)            Providing a library and reference service which may include obtaining reference material, video, CD-ROM, and photographs needed for work assigned by the City.
  6. f)             The contractor shall develop a metrics for setting quantifiable goals for use in measuring the contractor’s success.

Due Date:

December 20




111 E. MAPLE, PO BOX 1019


Agencies to consider for this assignment could include Zeno Group.

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