DUE DATE: no later than October 30, 2023 @ 2:00 PM, CST


Request For Qualification

RFQ 10202023TJ Third Party Vendor for Sponsorships & Advertising

1.0 The Services.

SCBE hereby solicits submissions of written Proposals from qualified Respondents to provide for SCBE the services described herein, all in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed herein. In particular, the services sought by SCBE will require the Respondent to provide the services as indicated below:

Memphis-Shelby County Schools (MSCS) needs a third-party contractor to help facilitate the advertising, naming rights, and sponsorship process between potential participating businesses and the District.

● Will promote, market, and sell online advertising and athletic sponsorships including facility naming rights in accordance with Board Policy, as well as radio/TV underwriting and other assets mutually agreed upon by MSCS and the contractor.

● Identify and solidify opportunities with businesses that are appropriate for a school district audience.

● Will conduct research to understand local consumer behavior.

● Implement advertising, underwriting, and sponsorship programs as determined by MSCS.

● Report to MSCS staff as designated to consult and execute services, contracts, and fulfillment.

● Work with the MSCS communications designee(s) to review branding and positioning of advertising.

● Will create sales sheets (approved by MSCS) that outline sales terms to potential advertisers, sponsors, and underwriters

● Secure approval of all Services Contract(s) from MSCS prior to execution.

● Supports invoicing for payments and past-due notices.

● Responsible for managing the digital ad serving network.

● Must be aware of FCC rules and regulations, specifically for educational & non-profit organizations


A survey of all marketable materials including digital components and facilities which may include a walkthough/visit to assess the value accurately and thoroughly will be performed. Standard Operating Practice (SOP) between the contractor and communications designee should be established prior to launching the new development process.

MSCS Background

As one of the 25 largest school districts in the nation as well as being the largest district in the state of Tennessee, MSCS has multiple digital platforms, media outlets and venues – including buildings and athletic facilities – that could be utilized to generate revenue for the District. However, due to the immense size of MSCS, securing and coordinating these investments from outside organizations, while not improbable, is difficult to execute strictly in-house due to capacity issues.

By outsourcing this process to a third-party contractor/consultant, MSCS could maximize its efforts to secure sponsorships and large business involvement with the District.

About MSCS

● 110,000 students

● 14,000 employees (including 6,000 teachers)

● Among 25 largest public-school districts in the U.S.

● Largest public school district in Tennessee

● 2nd largest employer in Memphis/Shelby County

● Approximately 198 buildings

Asset Inventory (sampling: including but not limited to)

● Two new high school builds: Approximately $150 million

● District Publication Open Rate: Approximately 49%

● 88.5FM – Approximately 30,000* average weekly cumulative audience

● MSCS Newsroom: Approximately 80,000* page views annually

● MSCS Homepage ( Approximately 425,000* page views monthly

● MSCS Employee Hub: Approximately 4 million* page views yearly

*Previous years data. YTD analytics will be provided upon project start.

Phases of Services

Phase One: Naming Rights for Stadiums/Gymnasiums/Sports Complexes – November/December 2023

● New Builds – Frayser-area High School & East-Region High School

● Supporting larger infrastructure plan to renew and improve approximately 198 District-owned


Phase Two: Digital & Broadcast Outlets (District owned and operated) December/January 2024

● Website (

○ Main Page (

○ MSCS Newsroom (

○ MSCS Employee Hub (

○ MSCS Careers (

● Digital newsletters – Teacher Weekly, Parent Newsletter

● Broadcast Outlets

○ Underwriting & Sponsorships on 88.5FM WQOX/C19TV

○ MSCS YouTube

Phase Three: District-wide Event Sponsorships – January 2024

● As District events are planned throughout the year, opportunities for business involvement,

sponsorship, event presence, or advertisement can be developed and offered.

Duration of Services Required

The term of the contract is for one-year with an anticipated start date of *December 1, 2023, and ending December 1, 2024. (*projected start date) with the option of renewal for two one-year periods.

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