The NYS Breeding Fund has helped shape New York’s thoroughbred industry since it was

established by statute in 1973, and the Fund’s breeding incentive program has grown and

adapted over the years to become the benchmark of thoroughbred programs around the world.

The NYS Breeding Fund is a public benefit corporation that oversees the registration process for

foals and stallions, and annually distributes approximately $18 million incentives in the form of

breeder, owner and stallion owner awards, and an additional $1.78 million in purse enrichment.

The NYS Breeding Fund’s mission statement is “To promote by monetary incentives the

responsible breeding of quality Thoroughbred racehorses in keeping with the founding

legislation to preserve New York’s irreplaceable farmland.” The Fund is committed to

maintaining the highest standards in the industry, with the goal of ensuring a steady supply of

fresh, competitive horses for each of New York’s tracks and, consistent with its mission, to

promote the responsible breeding of quality thoroughbreds.

The NYS Breeding Fund is governed by a Board of Directors who are either appointed by the

Governor of the State of New York or who serve on the Board by virtue of their official duties in

State government. The Fund operates through an executive director and staff and maintains an

office in Schenectady, New York.


In the event the Board of Directors of the NYS Thoroughbred Breeding Fund elects to seek bids

from qualified promotional and advertising organizations to perform promotional services for the

Fund beginning in January 2023, the provider shall work on behalf of the Fund to arrange,

structure, staff and implement a wide variety of promotional service and lobbying support for

measures promoting the thoroughbred breeding and racing industries in NYS, such as:

 Publication and dissemination of information relating to the thoroughbred industry in

New York State, such as the publication and distribution of industry brochures,

directories, and a monthly newsletter, resulting in The Fund being able to access the top

1,000 breeding stakeholders

 Sponsorship of New York-bred championship awards and New York-bred stakes


 Sponsorship and promotion of New York-bred showcase days

 Maintenance of outreach programs at New York racetracks and breeding farms

 Development and management of a promotional website with prominent links or portals

to the Fund’s website (

 Management of social media content promoting New York-breds

 Promotion of New York-breds in industry publications and other advertising media

 Sponsorship of meetings, receptions, seminars and farm tours for potential or current

industry participants

 Publication of the annual stallion roster magazine

 Establishment of a relationship with a registered NY lobbying firm such that the provider

can keep the Fund up to date on proposed legislation and other items that could affect the

Fund and the racing and breeding industries in NYS


In responding to this RFI, please respond to all of the questions posed and submit your

organization’s response to the NYS Thoroughbred Breeding Fund’s Executive Director Tracy

Egan at Please be advised that in order to be considered, responses must

be submitted on or prior to the submission date.

Please submit any questions related to this RFI to Ms. Egan at the above email address. Please do

not submit questions by telephone or by any other means.


RESPONSES DUE Thursday, June 9, 2022 (EOD)

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