Agency Profile: iMars Communications

iMARS Communications 2


iMars is a leading Russian communication group providing a full range of services in the sphere of marketing communications. The company was founded in 2001, since then, they have put together a team that has turned iMars into a leading position among Russian communications and has been promoted as an independent Russian agency at an international level.


In its relationships with its clients, iMars is a partner and a fellow thinker. It utilizes excellent market knowledge, deep immersion into the characteristics of a client’s business, and offers usage of the newest communication solutions, tools, and approaches.


The experience of working with clients in various sectors, from transport, mechanical engineering, power generation, and FEC to FMCG, retail, sports, entertainment industry, allows them to be diversified, flexible, competitive, to grow actively and in different directions.


Quite a few of their clients, among which are leading Russian and international companies, have stayed with iMars for three years or more.


Their services include PR, digital, event, analytics, branding, ATL, and BTL. They use strategies like social media, SEO, video production, web production, blogger relations, crisis communications, media monitoring, and CSR communications, In branding, they specialize in brand content, logos, naming and trademark style implementation strategy. They also organize business and industry conferences, B2B parties, exhibitions, and city celebrations. For ATL and BTL  they specialize in product placements, transport advertising, sponsor integration, media planning, and placement.


Their incredible team has travelled half the world

  •  They have conquered the North Pole which has strengthened their spirit and willpower.
  •  Their range of vision had reached its maximum of 360 degrees.
  • iMars team’s accolades feature four gold medals, 24 degrees with honors and they speak 12 foreign languages including Chinese, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, Finnish, Japanese and Farsi.
  • They are certified PR specialists, marketing specialists, advertising experts, designers, journalists, linguists, lawyers, economists, political analysts.
  • There are also highly specialized personnel available, such as military interpreters, propaganda specialists, civil aviation engineers, and nuclear physicists.
  • The company has completed five years and they pride themselves on loyalty


The core clients of iMars include x5 retail group, Mastercard, MediaMarkt and Moscow Metro among others.


iMars has managed to help their clients in creating a favourable environment for their activities, resolving conflicts and establishing two-way connections. They organize dialogues and motivate and stimulate distribution and promotion.

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