Albuquerque Public Schools Issues Lobbying RFP

Albuquerque Public Schools Issues Lobbying RFP

APS is seeking qualified agencies/organizations/individuals to provide Lobbying Services as needed by the District. The Offerors must be registered with the State of New Mexico – Secretary of State Office.


APS is the largest school district in New Mexico and one of the nation’s largest school districts, covers more than 1,230 square mile geographical area. Currently, the district has 13 high schools, 12 schools of choice, 29 middle schools, 88 elementary schools plus 25 APS authorized Charter schools. APS has approximately 84,000 students and 14,000 employees. An elected Board of Education composed of seven members serving staggered terms of four years each governs the District. The Superintendent is Raquel Reedy.

Scope of Work:

  • Work through and with APS point of contact, the Executive Director of the Board Services and Government Affairs Office, and designated personnel
  • Develop a strategy for the passage of any legislation:
    • Identify legislative sponsors
    • Target key legislative support
  • Work with APS to identify support and opposition groups to district issues. Develop strategies to work with each group. Meet with appropriate advocacy and government affairs groups.
  • Provide training/direction to relevant APS staff and Board of Education on the legislative process and appropriate advocacy techniques.
  • Meet with appropriate legislators and members of the executive branch before the 2019 Legislative Session to discuss district issues. Coordinate meetings with appropriate APS staff, board, and legislators prior to and during the legislative session.
  • Attend internal and external meetings as requested and mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • Lobby the legislature during the 2019 Legislative Session for agreed upon legislation and monitor the session for other legislation relevant to the district. Oppose legislation as agreed upon by the parties.
  • Work with staff to create, develop and review appropriate informational materials for legislative meetings and committee presentations.
  • Lobby the executive branch for signing/vetoing of relevant legislation passed by the legislature.
  • Provide weekly reports during the legislative session on the status of legislation. Provide a final report on activities after the legislative session.
  • Work with APS to assure access to legislators and government officials during the legislative session.
  • Establish and agree upon a process for lobbyist decision making including a single point of contact for the contractor to verify district position on district issues and relevant legislation.
  • Notify APS point of contact through regular and on-going communication to activate meetings, phone calls and letter writing/social media campaigns when necessary.
  • Provide periodic reports during the 2019-2020 interim (between sessions) of committees, presentations, etc.
  • Monitor and represent APS with administrative and regulatory entities, for example, the New Mexico Administrative Code.
  • Monitor appropriate legislative interim committees including LESC and LFC; provide monthly reports on activities.
  • Coordinate participation at interim committees, including presentations.
  • Monthly billing via the invoice for the term of the contract.
  • Support the request and implementation process for all capital appropriation requests.

Due Date:

November 19th


Albuquerque Public Schools

Attention: Procurement Dept., City Center, Suite 500 E

PO Box 25704

Albuquerque, NM 87125-0704


APCO Worldwide has lobbying experience.

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