Albuquerque Public Schools Issues Marketing RFP

Albuquerque Public Schools is requesting proposals for on-call or as-needed marketing services. The objective of this RFP is to procure marketing and communications support services, creation of selected marketing materials, support services for public outreach activities, and other related marketing functions and work products.


Albuquerque Public Schools is the largest school district in New Mexico and one of the nation’s largest school districts, covers more than 1,230 square mile geographical area. Currently, the district has 13 high schools, 12 schools of choice, 29 middle schools, 88 elementary schools plus 25 APS authorized Charter schools. APS has approximately 81,000 students and 14,000 employees. An elected Board of Education composed of seven members serving staggered terms of four years each governs the District. The Superintendent is Raquel Reedy.

Scope of Work:

Services to be performed include:

  • Provide strategic marketing support for special projects including projects related to bond elections, School Choice Fairs, Budget outreach and District events. This will include developing and providing a variety of promotional, publicity and advertising plans and informational materials consistent with specifications provided by the District.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to APS Staff for development and implementation of designated marketing projects.
  • Assist District departments as assigned to provide approved marketing services.
  • Design, develop, and deliver promotional materials for designated District initiatives and events.
  • Provide advice and recommendations for District marketing strategies, and improving District brand awareness.
  • Provide advice and recommendations for District staff to successfully design, develop and implement marketing projects and sponsorship projects by creating vehicles to share ideas, knowledge, and success stories.
  • Provide media training as requested. Participate in negotiating media buys in different media markets.

The successful proposer will provide qualified personnel dedicated to managing the requested services. The successful proposer will have experienced staff and knowledgeable in communications and marketing disciplines. The proposer will establish a team leader who will manage services provided under the resulting contract. The District will not accept any substitutions of the team leader or other key personnel except for substitutions required for reasons outside the control of the successful proposer and upon written approval by the District. The successful proposer will be available on an on-call basis for any emergency situations.

Due Date:

February 14th, 2019.


Albuquerque Public Schools

Procurement Department

P.O. Box 25704

Albuquerque, NM 87125

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