Alice Marshall Public Relations: PR Company

Founded in1991, Alice Marshall PR has grown into a leading marketing and communication agency in the luxury space. Leveraging more than two decades of experience in the luxury hotels and goods space, the public relations agency is well-versed in identifying key trends and reporting clients’ news in a tailored way.

Headed by PR veteran Alice Marshall, the agency has mastered marketing high-end brands and products. The agency is steadfast in putting luxurious brands on the front line from exceptional trains and cruises to exotic skincare products and spas and splendid linens.

Alice Marshall PR develops efficient systems that help brands remain relevant in the high-tech and increasingly hurried world, believing in well-tailored and thoughtful approaches to public relations.

Notable Accomplishments


#1. America’s Best PR Agency


Alice Marshall PR secured a position on leading PR firms in America for 2021 and beyond. To develop a comprehensive list, Forbes partnered with Statista to survey thousands of experts and customers.

With Alice Marshall PR emerging among the most reputable agencies in America, the firm proved its prowess in developing bespoke marketing and communication strategies for clients in the luxury brands space.

#2. Featured on the Travel Weekly


With Covid-19 bringing the travel industry to a halt, many luxury brands—especially hotels and spas—shut down their operations to stop the spread of the deadly virus. For Alice Marshall PR, the agency has had to work tirelessly, helping key brands to communicate effectively.

In a recent post on the Travel Weekly, Marshall explained that conveying consistent and reassuring messages to reopen clients is paramount. According to the PR veteran, tourism partners should be realistic and transparent to avoid a new COVID-19 outbreak that would water-down consumer confidence. At the same time, Marshall explained that brands have to be proactive in establishing trust post-Covid-19.

By communicating clearly about their elevated protocols and regulations, what clients should expect, and their future travel position, brands can avoid giving false hope. That’s because Covid-19 is still prevalent, despite the need to reopen the global tourism space.

Key Destinations


Alice Marshall PR has spread its wings far and wide. In the Americas, the agency is present in Brazil, Costa Rica, and the United States. In the Caribbean, Marshall’s agency has clients in Jamaica and St. Lucia. Within Europe, the firms have some great clients in countries like Austria, England, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Scotland.

Other key destinations are within the Middle East-Africa and Asia-pacific regions. Notable destinations in these regions include Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Japan, Myanmar, and Thailand.

For the journeys, the agency offers exceptional cruise and train tours in the most serene parts of the globe. Some of these journeys include the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the Crystal Serenity, Arctic Circle, and the Belmond British Pullman.

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