Veteran Female PR Executive Fills Business Void in the Marketplace by Providing HR Support for Workers on Maternity Leave

Amy Prenner-Corralez

The coinciding advancement of women in the workplace coupled with the falling unemployment rate begs the question: how do employers adjust to the growing issue of replacing employees going on maternity leave? Founder Amy Prenner-Corralez developed STORK PR for this very reason.

STORK PR STORK PR was born from the idea that Prenner-Corralez was becoming the “it-girl” to call when someone needed maternity leave. She designed the agency exclusively for women helping women taking at least 2-4 months off for maternity leave and needed an experienced professional to step in. Prenner-Corralez felt a need to respond to the challenge of securing trusted and talented individuals for part-time and/or full-time support servicing agencies, studios, and production companies during a woman’s most emotional time: childbirth and raising a family.

Amy Prenner-Corralez comments, “Workforce trends are changing. There has been an increase in the women’s labor force, particularly among women with young children. Extending leave generally leads to better retention rates for women so the message is clear and long overdue: American companies are finally understanding that employees with families require more flexibility. To keep them happy in their current work situations, employers need to step up quickly in fields of PR, social media and production, and that is where I come in with talented staff you can trust. Our employees are professional and have experience working in all capacities of public relations and marketing. They are schooled in all aspects of the business and can take on any type of workload. We have mid-level to senior level talent on hand to ensure your projects will be handled.”

With more and more men adopting babies, the need for paternity leave is here and Stork PR offers Paternity Leave.

Prenner-Corralez uses a simple form on her website for employers to fill out including the region, industry, services and specialties, availability, and basic company information so that she can properly find a match for different companies’ needs. Amy is available to speak regarding workplace trends, maternity leave, PR/HR shifts and more.

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