Anat Gerstein Inc. PR Firm Profile

Founded in 2010 and located in Long Island City, New York, Anat Gerstein Inc is a full-service communications firm working with big and small nonprofits to build brand recognition, engage stakeholders, and achieve goals. This is a firm that can help nonprofits increase their fundraising, recruit new clients, build a volunteer base, push through revised or new public policies or projects, and much more.

The firm believes that effective marketing and communication can do a lot more than simply generating social media posts, promotional materials, and press clips – they can also move the public to take action. Because of that, the team at Anat Gerstein Inc takes time to learn all about the issues that matter most to the clients and stakeholders the firm works with, and by understanding those issues in-depth, the team can provide thorough, thoughtful, and targeted communications services.

The team at the communications firm is led by professionals that have a lot of experience in providing public relations, communications, and marketing services, and these experts also work with a web programmer, a designer, and a videographer for clients who are looking for those types of services as well.

Anat Gerstein Inc works with various nonprofits such as social service, education, youth, health care, cultural, business and community development, cultural organizations, and more. The firm offers several beneficial across-the-board communications services such as communications capacity development, design, and staff training, including media training, media database development, social media development, promotional materials creation, and others.

The team also provides temporary or project communications services, such as annual reports or print materials, promotional videos, branding, social network development, designing and executing media campaigns, strategic communications plan development, and others. They also provide monthly communication services based on each client’s strategic needs, such as public and media relations, advocacy communications, thought leadership, promotional collateral development, website content development and design, fundraising communications, and much more.

At Anat Gerstein Inc, the team strives to create strong communications campaigns that will bring positive impacts to clients’ brands. Through understanding the client’s needs and goals and becoming a part of the client’s team, the firm can find creative ways to help these nonprofits achieve their goals, such as connecting them with the right reporters or media outlets, creating attention-grabbing campaigns, or anything else that inspires the target audience to take action.

The firm was founded by Anat Gerstein herself, after her first-hand experience in observing the type of help and support that nonprofits need to tell their story effectively. With 20 years of experience in her career, working in advertising, public relations, as well as working as the chief of staff and press secretary to New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gorbaum, Gerstein and her team can help both small and big nonprofits make a statement and reach key people.

That’s why plenty of nonprofits, such as The Girl Scouts of Greater New York, Amud Aish Memorial Museum, Monumental Women, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, and many others, have put their trust in Anat Gerstein Inc and the firm’s services.

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