Applewood Business Association, Re-Branding Initiative

The purpose of this Request for Proposal is for Phase One – Brand Development. All proposals must include a bid for each stage with the cost and estimation of time to complete, including the review process.

• To create a policy for ABA which expresses a common statement of its goals, i.e. the protection, identifications and growth of its business members.

• To create an ideal set of standards and methods of business practices and services which each member will seek to attain.

• To educate the public on the benefits of doing business within the Applewood business community.

• To develop a liaison effort to act on behalf of ABA, relative to other organizations, groups and governments; the sole purpose being to perpetuate the Applewood Business Association, by interaction and by informing other groups as to what the ABA is and represents.

• To create beneficial services specifically for the ABA members, i.e., operate a web site and other service opportunities for local business.

• To generate and support events which improve the quality of life in the community.


The Applewood Business Association (ABA) is a volunteer business association dedicated to the promotion, expansion and development of its members by providing services that directly aid, support and promote their business and by expressing and supporting common goals for the protection, identity and growth of Applewood Businesses and the community.

Scope of Work:

It has been some time since the ABA updated its website or branding. As such the ABA Board of Directors is looking for a candidate or candidates to help with rebranding the organization and the development of a website with multiple functions as to be laid out in this Request for Proposal. This project is anticipated to contain multiple phases: I. Brand development; II. Print and digital collateral; III. Social media; IV. Website development (front end); and V. Website development (back end). Candidates can bid on the whole project or select phases of the project where they can deliver the most value.

1. Execute a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and PEST (Psychological, Economic, Social, Technological) analysis to assess the ABA value to the community and its members.

2. Assess the services and value of ABA in relation to other comparable associations, including Wheat Ridge Chamber, West Metro Chamber and North Metro Chamber.

3. Develop ABA Target Market member characterizations and Personas (3) to include psychographics and demographic components and preferred marketing channels, based on independent research, as well as ABA survey results and member interviews.

4. Develop updated Messaging to reflect a fresh voice and tone, including a tagline, mission statement and the brand core foundation. a. Brand core consists of developing 4-6 brand pillars to include experience pillars, who we help, and overall mission statement. Brand pillars are the promises we plan to keep to our members, experience pillars are the goals we have for our member interactions with the ABA, Who we help statement summarizes our ideal member personas, and mission statement is the big diving force behind the reason for the ABA. b. All digital and collateral materials will be structured for content and messaging.

5. Develop Style and Tone preferences for imagery and graphic elements, including color palette and typography.

6. Create a new Logo based on the completed research and style determination, as well as input from the ABA Marketing Committee.

7. Create a Brand Standards Guide to document proper, consistent use of logo, colors, fonts and messaging principles.

Due Date:

October 30


P. O. Box 5177 • Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-5177

Agencies to consider include KCSA PR and Shift communications.

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