How “fluffer” Turned into News when Arnold Schwarzenegger Said the Word

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a good sense of humor, but sense of humor is a two-edged sword when you are that famous. Not that the Governor’s latest joke damaged his reputation, but it did raise a few eyebrows, and questions for that matter.

In an interview with James Lipton, the host of the television series Inside the Actor’s Studio, Schwarzenegger, joking, told that his least favorite job was working as a fluffer (his favorite job was as a teacher – was that a joke too?).

It’s interesting how a word like “fluffer” becomes news when associated with a celebrity. Some of the most serious publications ran reports about the Governor’s joke today. On one hand, the reports had the purpose to exonerate the Governor, but on the other hand, they were run because “fluffer” was a hot trend. When I first read the headlines I asked myself: was he fluffing pillows? What’s wrong with that? You know, being a sheep, with fluffy wool fur I am a little disturbed by the real connotations of the term.

For those of you who don’t know, fluffer is a behind-the-scenes job on the set of a porn film, with the purpose to arouse the male actors and have them ready for the scene. I bet there were already some posters of Mr. Olimpia on the walls of the studio to start with. I mean, an image of his body would be enough… don’t you think?

Arnold and Sheepy in "Fluffy Thoughts"

The audience present on the set fully understood the joke – “I thought Candace Bushnell, Jay McInerney, Anne Hearst and Kerry Kennedy would all fall off their chairs they were laughing so hard.” – a witness told The Telegraph, but there were some who actually believed that Schwarzenegger had such a job in the past. Do you recall that he actually posed nude at a moment in time?

A spokesman for Arnold Schwarzenegger denied the claim, insisting that the Governor had been joking. Let’s hope so. If the joke turns to be true, it could have a negative impact on Schwarzenegger’s political career. Because the real fluffy thoughts are not about arousing men, but about becoming the President of the good old USA. The Governor of California told Jay Leno that he would run for President if he could.

However, the American Constitution doesn’t allow foreigners to take the highest position in the state. For this to happen, an amendment to the Constitution must be approved by two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate, and then ratified by three-fourths of state legislatures. This, or the will of the sheep. It’s very unlikely that this will happen, but aren’t the rumors that Obama isn’t an American citizen already paving the way for a change? Let’s face it, America would do better in the hands of the Terminator. Sheepy out.

Editor’s note: Sheepy writes satirical editorials. Everything PR has not power over the sheep, and can not edit, modify, delete or otherwise censor Sheepy materials. If you want to post a comment, do it at your own risk, and always remember that you will be, in fact, talking to a sheep.

Fluffy thoughts cartoon by Dan Stanley –

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