Atlantic Canada Tourism Seeks Media Planning Agency

Atlantic Canada Tourism Seeks Media Planning Agency

Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership seeks a full service media planning and buying firm to implement a direct to consumer marketing program in the United States. Media planning and buying may also be required in the United Kingdom.


The ACTP Agreement is an international tourism marketing agreement focused exclusively on priority tourism markets in the United States and United Kingdom. The pan Atlantic tourism marketing programs in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States and the United Kingdom intensifies Atlantic Canada’s international tourism marketing efforts by extending the reach, frequency and appeal of the four provincial tourism brands in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States, and through the delivery of a regional “Atlantic Canada” brand into priority markets in the United Kingdom.

Approximately 85% of ACTP’s annual marketing budget is directed at consumer advertising, travel trade partnerships and media relations activity in the Mid- Atlantic (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) and New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut) regions of the United States. Fifteen percent is directed at travel trade partnerships and media relations activities in the United Kingdom.

Scope of Work:

ACTP requires an innovative full service supplier that can provide the following suite of services (as required) in the US market: internet marketing expertise, strategic planning for traditional and non-traditional marketing activities, media buying, event/promotional activities concept development, planning and implementation. Media planning and buying may also be required in the United Kingdom.

The project may include activities leading to, including and the necessary follow- up of, the planning and the purchasing of media space related to the US marketing program. Within this, the specific responsibilities and activities of the media planning/buying specialist will be as follows:

Planning (US & UK):

  • In consultation with ACTP, develop media strategies and recommendations (plans) based upon the marketing and media objectives of each of the four Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island);
  • Initiate strategically relevant media opportunities to enhance media objectives;
  • Provide strategic analysis of media opportunities as warranted;
  • Liaise with ACTP’s US Program Manager to ensure flawless management of information and creative materials; and
  • Develop media negotiations, strategies and execution, including but not limited to best prices, most effective added value opportunities, greatest market impact and overall value.

Buying (US & UK):

  • Develop media negotiation and execution strategies;
  • Negotiate and execute media buys (print, digital, etc.);
  • Monitor media marketplace through continuous reconnaissance;
  • Maintain current and develop new relationships with media suppliers at senior management and sales levels;
  • Negotiate, recommend and execute value added opportunities in accordance with scope of services;
  • Campaign     execution      and     campaign      monitoring,  optimization            and maintenance; and
  • Account management including status reports.

Stewardship (US & UK):

  • Provide recommendations and evaluations of media opportunities as requested;
  • Maintain organized records of plans, negotiations, communications, etc. for ACTP’s access;
  • Tracking and negotiating make-goods where necessary; and
  • Billing, monthly budget control reports, discrepancy resolution and post buy analysis reports.

Event/Promotional Activities (US & UK):

  • Provide innovative and forward thinking advice regarding potential opportunities to enhance brand recognition for the four provinces of Atlantic Canada in our designated markets.
  • Conceptualize, plan and execute creative and innovative events/promotional activities within a set budget.

Creative Development (US & UK):

  • The Provincial Agencies of Record will supply any creative necessary for placement in the US direct to consumer program.
  • Provide highly effective marketing and communications advice with full integration among all media and campaign elements;
  • Develop highly effective communications messages and marketing materials that exhibit tourism strategies and objectives;
  • Establish flexible and easily managed contractual arrangements that  minimizes administrative overhead; and
  • Establish a compensation arrangement that is based on a fee for service (hourly rates or blended hourly rates for all services) on a project-by-project basis, which provides adequate resources resulting in excellent performance and value.

Due Date:
July 10, 2017 to:

Ms. Colleen Bowes
ACTP Secretariat Coordinator
C/O Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island
Ph:  (902) 566-1096

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