Attracting the Best Candidates through an Excellent Online Presence

attract top talent for hiring

An excellent online presence doesn’t only mean a large following and frequent activity on social media. It also means providing the information people need to make key decisions regarding a company or brand. Companies might provide this information on websites, through published white papers, via contributed articles to major news carriers or via social media.

People outside the company then use this information to make key decisions regarding the brand. Having information available about your brand could mean the difference between a pitch for a big project from a major brand, or receiving no big offers at all. It could also factor into whether or not the best professionals consider working for your company.

The Effect of Social Media on the Hiring Process

Roughly 60 percent of employers now report using social media as part of their hiring process. This shows a massive increase from only 11 percent back in 2006. Employers also use information from social media to decide about hiring. Many prefer not to hire candidates with no online presence. Others admit to deciding not to hire an individual based on unfavorable information found about them online.

As previously stated, however, candidates also use social media to decide who they might consider working for or just to look for job vacancies. After landing an interview, many also use the web and information on social media to learn about the company as they prepare. Including looking into the company’s history, mission, objectives, achievements, and partnerships. Even the charities the company gets involved with might be important.

Putting the Information out There

Companies must make the extra effort to put information out there about their brand. How does the company treat its employees? What’s the salary range for the job, and what decides which end of the spectrum the candidate’s pay be? What does it take to succeed in the company? How much money does it net yearly?

There is no wrong or right platform to share this information, as long as it’s easily accessible to the public. However, posting it on the company’s website is the most effective way.

Social media efforts should complement all information from the company. If the company says they have a fun working environment, then the social media accounts should reflect that fun personality.

Hiring Public Relations Specialists

Hiring PR specialists ensures that companies and brands enjoy the spotlight in social media for the right reasons. Social media helps humanize corporations, turning them into relatable personalities that people want to work with – or for.

This helps organizations attract and hire employees who match their organizational culture, which is often a far more important characteristic for success than prior experience or a Harvard degree.

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