Proposal Due Wednesday, August 23, 2023 – Time 4:30 p.m

Austin Peay State University

RFP – University Media Buyer Specifications

Scope of Service:

Austin Peay State University (APSU) is seeking an experienced agency to provide comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relations strategies and services including, but not limited to, development, design, media buying and deployment of paid and organic campaigns that generate interest in APSU. This will be assessed by the agency’s higher education experience and proven record of success with higher education clients.

Project goal:

The goal of this contract is to attract quality leads for traditional and non-traditional students that lead to application to and attending APSU, ultimately leading to increased enrollment and overall brand awareness.


• The vendor will be responsible for assessing, testing, and recommending appropriate campaign position themes and messaging, including art/creative direction, and working with

APSU’s creative team to design and launch campaigns for these efforts.

• APSU will be responsible for any print production needed with the campaigns.

• The agency will provide design support in peak project load times for design services from the agency.

• The agency will provide dedicated representatives to act as a point of contact and manage the account relationship.

• The agency will meet with representatives of the Institution’s Public Relations and Marketing team to assist Institution in developing an advertising plan appropriate to the diverse audiences of the various programs, that includes out-of-home, broadcast, print, and Digital/web/internet/mobile media platforms, to also include streaming placement (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, etc.).

• The agency will secure quotes for recommended media placement for review and selection by the Public Relations and Marketing team and coordinate media placement in strategic areas.

• The agency will secure available metrics and reports provided by media outlets and work

with the Public Relations and Marketing team to review planned campaigns and proactively research and identify new marketing opportunities.

• The agency will assist with lead generation and help create workflow of lead input to APSU’s customer relations management (CRM) system.

• The Agency will execute media plans based off the existing marketing cadence:

  • Year-round

• Pay-per-click

• Digital- retargeting

• Billboards

• Print advertisements

• Radio advertisements

• TV advertising

• Digital advertising

• Website assets

• Social media assets

• Program brochure templates

• Other marketing deliverables as identified during the normal work process

Seasonal Campaigns

Aug-Nov messaging

• Fall Govs Preview Day

Nov-Feb messaging

• Spring Govs Preview Day

Feb-May messaging

• Graduate studies

May-Aug messaging

• Summer visit/tours

Contract Terms:

January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2028

Additional Info:

Proposal must include proposed budget including agency fees, explanation of project team dedicated to the account, and explanation of media buying approach.

Additional Services:

The contractor shall provide additional services defined by APSU. The contractor shall separately bill APSU for these additional services at the firm, fixed per hour rates specified on the Cost Proposal and/or final contract, and shall furnish APSU with a detailed billing that provides the hourly rate and the man- hours to produce the additional service.

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