Automating Marketing Tasks for Efficiency

4 marketing tasks you should already be automating

Most marketers these days are very busy people, and although they might know which tasks they need to automate to free up some time, it still takes time to set up the automation process itself. Fortunately, that’s not always the case, and with the multitude of automation tools that are available to marketers these days, it’s easier than ever to streamline a workflow.

Email Content Automation

One of the most efficient segments of any marketing strategy that can benefit from automation is email marketing. One example of email automation is setting up automated emails that will deliver various content opt-ins from subscribers, such as free templates, or reports. This way, companies get the added benefit of adding another step in their Call to Action (CTA) in the body of the email.

Customized Emails

Many companies can greatly benefit from implementing tailored content in their emails that’s sent out to subscribers at set intervals. In fact, there are plenty of different personalization strategies that companies can utilize when it comes to email personalization and automation. Aside from sending subscribers content that they’ll be interested in based on previously gathered data, the business can also include different subscribers in different sales funnels, and remove them from the list when they reach the company’s desired goal.

Social Media Content Automation

A great way to save time with the help of automation is to use a scheduling tool for social media posts. These tools allow users to schedule any social media content well in advance while also providing other useful features such as analytics, sharing content to multiple platforms at the same time,  monitoring each platform’s analytics, and more.

Contact Management

Business owners and marketers can lose out on a lot of valuable time if the company doesn’t have an automated tool that organizes every contact across each channel. There are plenty of tools that help with contact management, from saving them, to sorting them, categorizing different contacts, and even removing old ones that are no longer available.

Campaign Performance Reports

Finding the right data from all the different data points, creating good visualizations for them, and then sharing them with a  company’s team takes a lot of work. Fortunately, there are automation tools that can help with marketing campaign performance reports too. All it takes is connecting the data to the automation tool, and then getting an automatically generated report that’s readable and easy to understand.

Live Chat Automation

These days, live chats have turned into an essential element for business operations, because potential customers want to get in touch with companies and receive responses to their inquiries quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, there are plenty of live chat apps available that allow companies to create automated chatbots that can answer questions from customers. They can even bring in sales-ready buyers and marketing leads for the business, and improve the company’s bottom line.

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