Automation in B2B Marketing Efforts

Marketing automation allows companies to improve their productivity while also nurturing more leads. There are plenty of marketing automation tools specifically meant to be used by B2B companies. Those tools allow businesses in the B2B industry to improve and streamline marketing activities and tasks, which helps marketing teams stay efficient and productive while nurturing leads. There are plenty of different ways that companies can use marketing automation. For instance, companies can use automation for creating educational workflows that are sent out to new customers, nurturing leads through the help of content, setting up rewards for loyal consumers, or creating and sending email campaigns to nurture leads.

Versium Reach

One of the marketing tools especially helpful for B2B businesses is Versium Reach, which makes it easy for companies to visualize their marketing data. Companies can get a snapshot of their leads so that they can effectively tailor any marketing materials and content to those leads throughout all the different stages of the consumer journey. This tool also helps in creating targeted audiences that can be reused across every digital marketing platform and automatically manage data for the company. It’s helpful for identifying the ideal targets for a business so that marketing teams don’t have to go over multiple sources of data.


With the help of this marketing automation tool, companies can create and automate their email drip campaigns that are helpful for nurturing leads. HubSpot can also help businesses send out the right type of emails to different prospects at the right time, based on previous data that a business has collected on those leads. It also has a visual editor that can help businesses create different workflows. In addition, it offers advanced segmentation logic that helps identify the audience members that should be enrolled in the different workflows. It also makes it easy to personalize every email campaign according to what the recipients need, by pulling data from the company’s CRM.

Marketo Engage

Another very helpful marketing automation tool for B2B companies that allows businesses to segment their target audience. It can also generate more data with integrated customer profiles and engagement information is Marketo Engage. The tool helps nurture leads and gives companies an engagement score for those leads throughout their customer journey. By using AI, it also helps create tailored content that’s personalized for different members of the target audiences.


This is a marketing automation tool for businesses that helps them automate a variety of different tasks. Those tasks include anything from tracking engagement through custom fields, engagement tags, sending out welcome emails for newsletter campaigns, and more. All the information that this tool uses is generated from the channels it has access to from the business using it. That means businesses can give the tool access to their website, social media, SMS, and live chat communication with the target audience. Then it will automatically identify the audience members who are most engaged on every channel and create automated tasks for those customers.

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