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Autumn Communications, a full-service PR agency, is based out of New York City and Los Angeles. It offers marketing, public relations, and event planning services for a variety of clients who are recognized on a global scale. From multinational technology and e-commerce company, to the fun and quirky Museum of Ice Cream and everything in between, Autumn Communications represents brands from an array of industries. Specializing in creating compelling campaigns that target customer engagement and brand awareness, Autumn Communications continues to be a force in the PR world.

About Autumn Communications

Founded in 2009 in New York by CEO Shelley Reinstein, Autumn Communications is a small, sole proprietorship PR agency with less than 50 employees. They primarily work with clients in the fashion, lifestyle, food and drink, entertainment, and technology industries, utilizing their relationships with influencers and the press to drive demand to their clients’ websites and in-person locations. Autumn Communications uses a multi-platform approach that can be used to launch new brands or bring more traffic to established ones.


Autumn Communications offers their clients a wide range of services, broken down into three distinct categories. Learn more about their services below:

Media Outreach

As an established agency, Autumn Communications provides their clients with significant media and press coverage through their existing relationships with lifestyle, business, and fashion outlets. These connections have proven to drive continued press coverage and help to grow their businesses.

Influencer Relations

Autumn Communications also has established relationships with prominent influencers who can assist with brand partnerships and client exposure on social media outlets. These partnership campaigns have proven to be beneficial for both parties.

Event Services

Autumn Communications’s first priority is its connections, and it uses them in every aspect of its business. Its event services aim to engage consumers and create unique brand messaging in exclusive venues. From company launch parties to evening soirées, Autumn Communications ensures their client’s events go off without a hitch.

Past and Present Clients

Autumn Communications’ team is made of experts in public relations, equipped with a media strategy that works for clients on a global scale. A few of their notable former and current clients include:


A New York-based monthly online subscription service, Birchbox sends personalized boxes of beauty products to its subscribers each month. Birchbox’s success can be attributed in part to its partnership with various influencers, particularly on Instagram.


A ride-sharing company based out of San Francisco, the Lyft app offers driving services to users at the click of a button. Once a lesser known counterpart of Uber, Lyft has become a household name and is featured prominently in the media.


Goldbelly is an online marketplace for local and artisanal food, offering products from local bakeries and restaurants, and shipping across the United States. Featured in prominent media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and CNBC, Goldbelly has quickly gained traction since its founding in 2012.

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