BackBay Communications: Company Profile

Founded by Bill Haynes in 2005, BackBay Communications has grown to be a top-of-the-league financial service and communication agency. With offices in London and Boston, Hayne’s firm offers integrated public relations, branding, and content marketing to asset management, impact investing, fintech, and private equity companies.

To highlight each industry’s unique value proposition and build awareness and credibility, BackBay Communications leverages its expertise and industry relationships to assist clients to share their news and perspectives. What’s more, they approach each industry uniquely. Here’s a brief of strategies adopted and clients in some industries.

1. Asset Management

The Haynes-led PR agency partners with asset management companies to create thought leadership and strategic PR, enabling them to attract more assets, improve client satisfaction, and increase brand value.

To accomplish objectives of increasing a client’s assets under management (AUM), BackBay Communications raises awareness of its clients’ value proposition, investment products, and services, and spotlights novel investment strategies with new and existing clients.

At the same time, BackBay Communications adopts client engagement strategies, reinforces the importance of working and investing with its clients, and showcases accessibility and touchpoints with its client’s investment managers. The result of these strategies being an increase in client satisfaction.

They raise awareness to differentiate core brand attributes and demonstrate a client’s expertise using compelling content, thereby growing the brand value of its asset management clients.

Their client roster in the asset management industry includes high profile brands like Athena, Adams Funds, Boston Partners, and Fiduciary Trust.

2. Fintech

BackBay works with fintech clients in the creation and execution of messages designed to help create and execute communications programs. These programs help the disruptive entities to take advantage of existing market opportunities, accelerate growth, and build credibility.

In accelerating growth in the Fintech space, BackBay Communications endeavors to boost a client’s credibility and brand visibility, employ targeted PR to drive new business, and raise awareness among prospective employees.

At the same time, they help fintech companies enter new markets by educating the marketplace about new products, raising awareness on a brand’s growth, and growing a brand within a new region.

The PR firm’s client roster in the fintech space includes brands like Bluefin payment systems, Facteus, Temenos, Eagle Investment Systems, Innogy Innovation Hub, among others.

3. Private equity

In the private equity space, BackBay supports clients with initiatives like deal sourcing, staffing and growing the company’s portfolio. Having worked with more than 80 private equity and venture capital firms, the PR firm is well versed with portfolio valve creation, fundraising, and deal sourcing.

They employ strategies like announcing portfolio add-on investments, promoting deal flow from investment bankers, and spotlighting its client’s unique approach in private equity and venture capital management.

Regarding portfolio valve creation, BackBay Communications takes a proactive role in assisting private equity firms with crisis management, promoting the portfolio company’s success, and announcing portfolio add-on investments.

Clients in BackBay’s roster of private equity firms include Clearview Capital, Meketa Investment Group, Monroe Capital, Monument Group, and TA Associates.

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