Bam Communications: Company Profile, Review, Careers and More!

Bam Communications PR Firm Profile
Bam Communications PR Firm Profile

A tech-focused, 8-year-old, public relations and media relations firm, that also handles hard-hitting and driven content in marketing and digital services. The firm was founded by the Emmy award-winning Beck Bamberger who has a variety of successful clients.

Beck brought the firm to life after earning an MBA at UCLA in just two years and taking her place as the youngest graduate at that level ever at Pittsburgh University, at only 21. From there she found a strong voice on TV as a news anchor, in San Diego, where she won an Emmy for her work in 2011.  She left TV to focus on building Bam, and Bite, her two entrepreneurial dreams and found her calling, in telling stories of tech entrepreneurs who want to make a difference by having diverse founders and teams.

Bam Leadership and Clients

Bam Communications is a complete PR and Media Relations company, offering a unique way to present clients to the world, by telling a story. The company has been growing steadily and the teams have an impact on the industry and around the world. There are offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and HeadQuartered in San Diego.

The clients that Bam Communications serves are diverse and brilliant, from technology industries, such as agtech, AI, consumer, cybersecurity, edtech, fintech, and health tech. The firm is taking on new clients all the time, and offering established clients a unique and engaging form of promotion. All of their clients have a video of their story as they are followed for 24 hours by a team member.

Perks and Problems @ Bam Comm

Bam Communications offers a novel and ultimately new outside-the-box way to bring the latest forms of media services and public relations to the world. The company has interesting and relevant clients who are making a mark in technological circles.

The team is always searching for new and diverse members from all kinds of backgrounds. There are a number of benefits that include paid maternity/paternity leave, 401K, gym at the San Diego HQ, flex time and remote days, and a number of other great perks.

Bam Communications Careers

The need for unique and innovative team members is an ongoing process. The latest technology and client lists need constant care and grooming to offer the best promotion for the client’s innovative product or service.

The website offers a full list of open positions at locations across the country. A passion for technology, and an attitude of determination, and desire to succeed are going to help any candidate move to the next step in the hiring process.

Bring your best and most brilliant ideas and dreams to the table, and make your pitch to the team that is always open to diversity and innovation.

Find the Careers section of the website always available for review.

Bottom Line on Bam Communications

Although the company is based in San Diego, the other offices are always staffed with bright and helpful personnel, who are there to help. There are stories to tell and the founder and constant advocate for her team and clients says – Stories move the world, we move stories forward.

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