Barnstable Public Schools Issues Public Relations and Marketing RFP

Barnstable Public Schools Issues Public Relations and Marketing RFP
Barnstable Public Schools Issues Public Relations and Marketing RFP

The purpose of the campaign is to develop a strong brand for BPS, to enhance the image of the district both internally and within the overall community, and help maintain or enhance student enrollment numbers.

A family and community public relations and marketing campaign can build upon the following areas:

  • A Vision for the Whole Child. The district vision for the whole child was collaboratively developed with stakeholders and adopted by the Barnstable School Committee in 2017. The vision sets the course for schools to implement strong academic, social/emotional, and co-curricular programming aligned with students’ interests and talents.
  • Diverse Student Cultures. BPS is extremely proud that more than 30% of our students are students of color. We are equally proud of our welcoming school environments for students who are new to the United States. More than 10% of our students are learning English, and more than 30 different home languages are identified on our home language survey. This diversity is uniquely Barnstable’s on Cape Cod. Our strength is our diversity as we prepare all Barnstable graduates to engage in diverse college campuses, workforces, and cities.
  • Excellent Educators. The BPS educator workforce is one of high quality, stability, and content expertise. When educators come to BPS, they stay. The district promotes job-embedded professional development, course tuition reimbursement, and time within the school day for professional collaboration. Supporting the professional knowledge base and skill set of BPS educators ensures all students have the opportunity for academic achievement.
  • Core Values. Starting with School Committee members and continuing to the classroom level, all BPS employees are expected to embody the district’s core values: In Barnstable Public Schools, we value commitment, collaboration, and community… Commitment: We are dedicated to the continuous learning and growth of all. Collaboration: We work together while keeping student needs at the center of all decision making. Community: We build strong, respectful partnerships that support student success.
  • Capital Improvement. Annually, the Town of Barnstable invests millions of dollars into school capital projects. Recent projects include $4.6m for new athletic fields at BHS, $3.5m for the BHS 21st Learning Center providing students with state-of-the-art library and media spaces, multiple upgrades to security and phone systems, and numerous projects ensuring that facilities are maintained at the highest level.
  • Unique Learning Opportunities. Robotics, STEM, Advanced Placement Courses, Student Internships, Makerspaces, Arts and Humanities, Career and Technical Education represent just a few of the learning opportunities throughout BPS. Educators in BPS are encouraged to innovate and reimagine how teaching and learning can take place in today’s context. Educators are thoughtfully and strategically envisioning where, when and how learning takes place in BPS.


Barnstable Public Schools (BPS) educates the whole child by creating a student centered school culture that addresses students’ physical, social, emotional, and academic needs by creating a safe and healthy learning environment in which students are challenged, supported, and engaged. Our nine schools serve 5,200 students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. At last count more than 30 home languages were identified. We are proud of our students’ cultural and linguistic diversity, and seek to establish a strong brand for BPS so that it is the district of first choice for Barnstable residents.

Scope of Work:

                Research Phase. The vendor will conduct research to gain perspective on the scope of school choice options on Cape Cod. The scope of work must include researching competitor districts on Cape Cod to learn why Barnstable students are opting for those districts. Research must also include communication with families who have opted out of BPS. The district is open to including within this scope of work surveys and/or focus groups of current and/or former BPS parents and students. Additionally, the vendor should analyze school choice data and other relevant data, available from DESE and BPS, to understand the current trend of school choice. The vendor should conduct an appropriate number of internal and external meetings to understand the current perception of BPS, and will use best BPS experiences, programs and student successes to form the basis of the brand of BPS.

                Development of BPS Brand and Messaging. The selected vendor must work with district            leadership to develop core messaging that articulates BPS strengths, and how these differ from         competitor school districts.

                Creative/Visual Image. The selected vendor must develop visuals that communicate the emotion and personality of the BPS brand. These visuals will include various forms of electronic, print, and media graphics that can be deployed throughout the district and Town of Barnstable.    Elements must include:

  • Logo. A logo for BPS provided in bother high and low resolution formats.
  • Tagline(s). A compelling tag line that describes our brand and our value proposition
  • Electronic/Print Design Templates. Electronic/Print Design Templates. Design templates are needed for a wide variety of marketing materials what are used on a regular basis. The templates will allow the district to write content on an as-needed basis in a format that is consistent with the new branding. These templates may include a flyer on both letter and legal sized paper, a general student / family information flyer on letter sized paper, post card templates (front and back), 11”x17” poster templates, 20’x 4’banner template, PowerPoint presentation design, building signage template, letterhead, catalog cover design, an annual report format, and email marketing templates.
  • Media Templates. Templates for print and electronic ads, as well as a template for press releases.
  • Web Site feedback / alignment. The district has a web site already, but would be interested in making sure that the look and feel of the site is aligned with the branding and look and feel work that this contract will generate. We will expect the contractor to work with district staff on the achievement of this visual alignment

                Marketing and Public Relations Implementation Plan. The vendor will develop and manage a plan for systematic and timely marketing communications outreach to parents, students, and         other constituents, inserting core messaging and branding. The plan can include utilizing district                 resources such as Channel 22, BPS social media platforms, and the BPS website. The scope of   service must include a strategic calendar of messaging to align with timeframes and key grade          levels for school choice decisions.

                The consultant shall develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan that identifies efficient and cost-effective avenues to target both external and internal audiences as follows. The district is interested in advertising and communications as well as creating events that will reach:

  • Current parents and families
  • Prospective parents and students, including those who have “choiced out” of the district
  • The general public for the purpose of enhancing the perception/image/reputation of BPS.
  • Current BPS students and alumni, so they are aware of successes of their fellow students and want to be associated with the district.
  • Media outlets to expand the district’s public relations reach and visibility. Vendor services should include development of press releases and feature story pitches.

                BPS faculty and staff, for the purpose of creating pride in the institution, enhancing morale and             creating good will ambassadors throughout the community. Geographically, the target audience             is limited to the Town of Barnstable with the exception of alumni, who may be reached online or             via social media. The implementation plan must include a recommended annual marketing              budget. Actual media and print material buys will be a follow-up implementation phase not included in the budget for this RFP.

Due Date:

January 23rd, 2019.


Johanna F. Boucher

Chief Procurement Officer

Procurement Office, Town of Barnstable

School Administration Building, 3rd Floor

230 South Street

Hyannis, MA 02601

PR firms with relevant experience includes Edelman PR and Zeno Group.

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